Thank you for stopping by Mutley’s Great Adventure Blog!  We hope that you will enjoy your visit.  Please take time to read the following notes before beginning.

This Blog is about my adventure in learning what makes, breaks, and restores good health, and sharing some of those tips with you readers.  It is aimed at those living with Multiple Sclerosis [MS], but anyone can join us on this journey.

This learning process has truly been amazing for me.  Why? Because, although my foundations in good health were laid in Nursing School, the bulk of my knowledge and understanding came after I got MS!  I needed to understand how to feel better and live better with this disease.  And even in the last year, I have learned so much more. Things that used to puzzle me have now come into sharper focus.

This Blog is a bit different because each Post lays the foundation for the next one.  So, to follow the flow of the material correctly and not be confused, begin reading this Blog at the oldest Post [“Lift-Off” – May 2011], and read back until you reach the most recent Post.  OK?

I’m new at Blogging and trying to build up this Website.  Please be patient with any errors you may see.  And you can even share any tips you think might help me.

Please read the Disclaimer Page.

All content on this Website/Blog is copyrighted.  © 2011-2013 Regina Spence.  All Rights Reserved.  No portion of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, without the prior written permission of this author.

**To view larger pictures in the Gallery, just click on a picture.  It will enlarge and become a slide show.

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