Simple Things


 Getting, protecting, and recovering health should be simple, make sense, and be accessible to all.  Today I just want to share a few of my favorite, tried and true, simple remedies.  A remedy is something that helps healing.

Cool Showers:  Years ago I used to take cool showers, so in the winter I wouldn’t be so cold while riding my bike to work.  It worked.  Here are just some of the benefits of cool showers or baths [especially for those with MS]:

  1. They strengthen the body to resist feeling cold
  2. They stimulate the nerves
  3. Invigorate the mind and thinking
  4. Increase muscle tone [strength of muscles]
  5. Increase muscle flexibility
  6. Increase muscle endurance [can do more for longer periods].  *Drinking water will also help.

After a cool shower I always move better, and feel ready to conquer the world.  For those afraid of cold water, try what I do:  I start with warm water for a few minutes.  Then I gradually turn the water to cool or cold for 2-3 minutes.  Make sure the water hits the entire body.  After the warm water, the cold does not feel too bad.

Lemon Water: It is the juice of ½ or 1 fresh lemon added to a cup of warm water. Warm water gets into the bloodstream faster than cold.  I drink it in the morning before eating any food.  I also add a shake of cayenne pepper [it helps circulation and helps clean mucus from blood], and 1 tablespoon of organic maple syrup [touch of sweetness, vitamins and minerals].

Lemon juice has lots of benefits, but here are just three:

    1. It helps the body resist bacterial and viral infections.  And if sick, it helps you heal.  *Germs cannot live in the presence of lemon juice.

    2. It strengthens the body’s immune system.

    3. And helps remove toxins from the blood.

I drink this to help clean my blood.  But if getting signs of a cold or the flu, I take it to reduce chances for getting sick.  But if sick, I drink it every few hours to speed my recovery.  It works.  I’ve had bronchitis twice, and both times, drinking lemon water every few hours helped me get better quickly.  Drink it during flu season.  Drink it before you get sick.  Give it to your family too.

Apples:  Called “the queen of fruit”, apples also have abundant benefits.  A few of them are:

    1. They reduce inflammation.   I’ve noticed that my MS symptoms are worse when inflammation is present.
    2. They remove toxins from the intestines by way of the feces.
    3. They help constipation.
    4. They help keep blood pressure low.

For me, being under the influence of apples is a good thing.  When I eat an apple [Red Delicious or Gala] my vision clears, my thinking becomes sharp, my balance and muscle strength improve, and my complexion looks clear and smooth.  And when I eat an apple before bedtime, I sleep well with few or no muscle spasms.

Activated CharcoalNot barbecue charcoal!!!  I recommend that a bottle of activated charcoal be in each home, and each camping first aid kit [along with a Bee Sting/Snake Bite extractor kit].  You can get it at pharmacies, health food stores, and online.  It comes in powder, tablet, and capsule forms. *I use Nature’s Way Activated charcoal capsules.

Charcoal has numerous benefits, but here are a few:

    1. It can adsorb [not absorb] many poisons, toxins, gases, chemicals, drugs, and venoms.  Adsorb means that the carbon in charcoal is quick to combine with these poisons and make them harmless.  Don’t neglect to call 911 for serious bites, but while waiting for the ambulance, do something to help.  Giving charcoal after bug and critter bites or stings, or for drug over-doses can be very useful.    **Never give charcoal to an unconscious person.  Call 911!

    2. Charcoal can help relieve and stop intestinal gas

    3. It can help stop diarrhea

    4. It can help treat infections.  I’ve used it successfully to treat infected bites from unknown insects on my foot [they ‘bit and ran’].  How?   By making charcoal poultices [see below].

To use charcoal internally, take the tablets or capsules with a tall glass of water, or stir the powder into a glass of water.  Take hours before or after any medications – since it will adsorb it.

To use charcoal externally, make a poultice with the charcoal alone, or mix it with ground flaxseed.  The charcoal powder is very light and can blow around easily.

*Poultices:  Do a search on the Internet for how to make a poultice.  There are several good sites.  **Drinking some charcoal and applying a poultice are very good for Brown Recluse Spider bites, while waiting for the ambulance.

    1. Basically, you will take some charcoal powder [or break open a few capsules] and add enough warm water to make a paste.  Only stir with a spoon.  Charcoal will stain skin, but will fade over time.

    2. Then, depending on the size of the bite or infected area, get a clean, damp cloth to cover that size.

    3. Put some paste on the damp cloth [must stay damp], and cover with ends of cloth – like making a sandwich.

    4. Apply to the skin snugly

    5. Cover with plastic wrap and secure with tape.  Keep it on and then change the poultice every few hours or the next day. 

That’s it for my simple remedies.  I hope they will help you too.

See you next time.

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Principle of Health #3: What’s Blood Got To Do With It?

A Vial of Blood

A Tube of Blood

A principle is a rule, truth, or law that never changes.  There are many principles for good health, but this blog will only cover 7 of them.  We’ve already introduced two:   

Principle #1: Man Comes In 3D  [Feb. 1, 2013]

Principle #2:  The Force Is With You [May 31, 2013]

Principle #3:  To have good health a person must have good  blood.  

What is blood?  It is living material, pumped by the heart, throughout the body at about 6 quarts per minute or 2,000 gallons per day.  It is part fluid [plasma], and part cells [red and white blood cells, and platelets], and other substances.  The blood cells and platelets have very specific work to do.  For example, red cells carry oxygen, nourishment, and water; white cells identify and fight off enemies; and platelets help stop bleeding [clotting]. 

Every human being has the same blood cells, but we each have a different blood type – A, B, AB, or O.  And these blood types each carry an Rh positive or Rh negative sign [important for blood transfusions].

So, what does blood have to do with good health?  A lot.  If blood stops, life stops.  Blood is the stream that carries life and strength to every part of the body, and takes away wastes and impurities.  The quality of our health [good or bad] depends on the quality of our blood.  And taking a simple blood test [CBC: complete blood count] can tell a lot about a person’s blood and health.  I saw this clearly in 1982 .

As a nursing student, volunteering at a professor’s community health screening program, I was able to get a free blood test.  My results showed an abnormal platelet count.  I didn’t feel sick or have symptoms until 1983!  Blood tests are useful in detecting problems, giving us a chance to seek help, long before symptoms show up.

If we want good health we must have good blood.  And we build our blood by the things we put in our bodies.  What we eat, drink, and breathe provide the raw materials to feed and build cells.  And the cells then help build up the body. 

Some things make good blood like fresh air; water; and the vitamins and minerals in simply prepared fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and beans.  And some things make impure blood like caffeine [in soda, coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, etc.], and too much pork and other meats, and sea-foods [can contain high saturated fat; bacteria; parasites; mercury; and more]. 

And it’s not just the blood that is important, but its ability to move around the body through miles of blood vessels [arteries, veins, capillaries, etc.].  This is called the circulation.  The better the circulation, the better the blood can do its work.  But sadly, some things make for poor circulation.  For example:

  1. Eating too much fat can clog blood vessels and slow blood flow to the brain and body;

  2. Eating too much sugar makes red blood cells clump together, making it hard for them to pass through tiny blood vessels;

  3. Wearing tight clothing around the chest, abdomen, and waist interferes with proper breathing.  Circulation is improved when we breathe deeply – especially of fresh air.

  4. Not drinking enough plain water makes blood thick and run slow;

  5. Not enough regular exercise will lead to poor circulation.  And disease follows poor circulation.  But exercise speeds up and balances the circulation.   Whatever physical shape anyone is in, we must do some form of regular exercise.  Move what we can and the body will respond;

  6. And not breathing deeply of enough fresh air.  Fresh air helps purify blood and fill it with oxygen – which is needed by every part of the body.  

*FYI: Sunlight and helping others increases blood circulation.  Incredible, but true.

I can no longer afford to take my blood for granted and treat it any old way.  It’s way too important.  Every day I must be determined not put anything in my body that will not make the best blood.  My present and future health [and yours too] depends on what the blood carries in it!

That’s all for now.  See you next time.


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How I Deal With Fatigue, Part 2


"What was I going to do?"

“What was I going to do?”

Continued From Part 1 …

4.  For the past week I’ve been enjoying a boxed gluten-free, corn, breakfast cereal. However, it has 240mg of sodium in 1 cup.  And its freshness is preserved with BHT  [Butylated hydroxytolune].  I’m going for less salt, sugar, fat, and chemicals.  So I’m going to finish that box and go back to eating my energizing raw oatmeal for breakfast:  1 cup of old-fashioned oats; 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds, 1 tablespoon raw sunflower seeds; a handful raw almonds; 4 chopped dates.  Mix and soak with Soy Dream Classic Vanilla Soy beverage [my favorite], or pineapple juice.  Refrigerate overnight.  In the morning I add grapes, apple chunks, sliced banana, or pineapple chunks.  This is so tasty, energizing, and strengthening!

5.  Yesterday I went to Whole Foods Market and got some VegLife Vegan B-Complex tablets.  After lunch I took 1 tablet.  Up to lunch time I was exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything but sitting and watching TV.  Within minutes of taking that one tablet, I felt my mind clear and my energy improve.  I was ready to cook and do all kinds of things!  For real.  B vitamins help nourish the nerves and help the body make energy. 

6.  For a quick burst of energy in the morning a cool/cold shower works well.  I start off with warm water, then slowly turn it cooler and cooler.  It increases the blood flow [circulation], energizes my mind and body without negative side effects, strengthens the immune system so I don’t get sick as easily, and makes my leg muscles more flexible.  Awesome!

7.  And last, but never the least – I’m determined to exercise regularly for 30 minutes.  There is no way my body can fight fatigue and weakness without me exercising regularly.  No pill can do what I can do [and you too].  This week I’m enjoying stretches [feel wonderful], squats, marching in place, and side-to-side stepping.  After I post this blog, I’ll go outside and walk, with my walker, up and down the driveway.  Exercise increases energy, oxygen in the blood, waste removal, strength, flexibility, and joy.

*I also keep my iron up by taking 1 tablespoon Blackstrap Molasses and eating some beets with dinner.  Low iron will make me feel tired, because the blood can’t carry enough oxygen.

*And I take the flaxseed oil.  The brain needs those essential fatty acids [EFAs] every day to function well.

*An energy smoothie:  blue berries, strawberries, peaches.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thank you all for helping me get back on track.  And I hope something here helps you too.  Take good care.  See you next time.

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*If you read this blog on Friday or Saturday and it looks different today, it’s because I edited it.  I wanted to make some of the material clearer and easier to understand.  I hope it helped.  Let me know if you have any questions.

What is it? 

The body must keep itself in balance, and one of the cycles it uses is the cycle of work-then-restBut in our fast-paced and high-pressured society, balance and rest are often pushed aside [a lot], so we can get things done.  Millions worldwide suffer with this.

Fatigue is feeling exhausted over a long period of time.  As a person becomes fatigued, functioning at their very best is reduced.  They become inefficient [like a beginner], use more energy to get things done, take longer to do them, and make more body waste that needs to be removed. 

Fatigue is not a true disease.  It’s a symptom or ‘red flag’ alerting us of other problems in the body [like flu, diabetes, anemia, allergies, poor circulation; or hormone, heart, and respiratory issues, and more].  Fatigue could also be a way to slow a person down and have them look at how they are living.  Then they can make corrections or seek help before burning themselves out.  Some body damages can’t be reversed.


Here are a few of the types of fatigue:

Mental fatigue – continual brain work without proper rest and regular exercise.  It makes mental work harder and longer to do; learning and memory slow down; and a person can become moody, irritable and ready to fight or argue.  I can testify to that.  Years ago, after days of being exhausted, I got into an argument on a New York City subway –trying to defend someone else!  Crazy!

*Working long hours with the brain [office, school, computer, etc.] must be balanced with exercise, or it will throw the nervous system off-balance.  That will leave you tired, tense, and even depressed.  Brain work strains the nerves of emotion.  This can be balanced with exercise – which activates the nerves of motion.  This will leave you more energized and relaxed. 

Physical fatigue – too much muscular activity without rest periods.  This reduces muscle strength and performance.  Rested muscles work better than exhausted ones [so do muscles that get enough water].  It’s also caused by a poor diet of too many refined and processed foods [they use up nutrients that strengthen body]. 

Chronic fatigue – continually feeling exhausted or pushing yourself to the limit, and never taking time to rest and recover. 

Emotional fatigue – too much emotional stress without good relief [seek help if needed].  It drains the nervous system and tires the body.  Can also be caused by constipation, auto-intoxication* [see Auto-Intoxication Post, Parts 1-3, on 05/03/2013], nutritional deficiencies, and negative outlook and attitudes.  It brings anxiety, tension, depression, feeling overwhelmed, hopelessness, and more.



Fatigue is due to too much or too little of something in a person’s life or environment.  Such as too many hours of mental or physical work, and emotional stress.  And too little rest, not being able to stay asleep, not enough stress management, and not enough proper nutrition [eating high-fat meats and cheeses; white flour foods; refined sugar; junk and fast foods; etc.].



  1. Caffeine and other stimulants.  Brain cells talk to each other chemically.  Caffeine disrupts these cell conversations, and reduces the nervous system’s performance.   *Depressed folks should limit or stop caffeine use.

  2. Sugar robs B vitamins – needed for nourishing nerves and producing energy [sugar also robs calcium for bones].

  3. One of alcohol’s side effects is chronic fatigue.

  4. Smoking robs energy from the body.

  5. Toxins and wastes can cause fatigue, depression, aches, and pains.  Help body cleanse by drinking plain water and fresh juices.


What You Can Do

  • Include exercise in each day’s schedule:  20 to 30 minutes 3 to 5 days a week – or as you are able.  *Activity is good, but it’s stop and go.  Good exercise keeps you moving for at least 30 minutes to raise up the heart rate and strengthen muscles, bones, nerves, organs, and other body parts.

  • Eat a balanced, plant-based diet to help nourish and strengthen the body: fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains [like oats], nuts [like almonds and walnuts], seeds [like sesame], and beans.

  • If no allergies to bee products, get a good bee pollen supplement.  It helps nourish and energize the body.  I used to take Forever Living Product’s Bee Pollen [Online] and drink quarts of their Aloe Vera Juice – very cleansing and energizing.

  • Take a good Vitamin B complex supplement to help nourish the nerves and produce energy.

  • Get a good night’s rest – especially before 10pm, but don’t go over 8 hours.  It will make you fatigued and even depressed.  *Too much of even good things can hurt us.

With fatigue, there are many things within our reach to help avoid and correct this problem.  Hope this helps.  See you next time.


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Shake ‘N Wake




I look at dealing with MS as being in the fight of my life.  This disease is determined to take as much from me as possible [and you too], but I can’t let it [and neither should you].  I dare not give in to what is supposed to happen, and wake up every day determined to fight.  Living defensively is the name of this game. 

Yes, my MS is progressing.  I don’t have the mobility and strength I had 29 years ago [when first diagnosed].  But I thank God that I am not as bad off as I could be.  I’m using simple, but powerful natural remedies, to help push MS back.  Things like healthy foods, drinking enough water, regular exercise, getting fresh air and sunlight, going to bed before midnight, water therapy [cool showers, Epsom salt scrubs and baths*], helping others, being grateful for blessings, trusting God, keeping a positive attitude, and trying and praying to stay away from yummy, but junky foods and beverages.  I like them, but they don’t help my body.

*Epsom Salt Baths – used to help pull toxins from body.  Get into a tub of very warm water, add 2 lbs Epsom Salt and let it dissolve.  Warm water helps to open skin pores and Epsom Salt helps pull out toxins.  Then use hands or washcloth to repeatedly bring water over each body part, including face.  Add more very warm water to tub as needed.  Water will get gray colored as toxins are released.  Do bath for 20 to 30 minutes.  Can do several times a week.

The worst thing I [or you] could do is give in to this disease.  To think or believe that the way I am now is how it has to be, is a major mistake.  Why?  For one, while we have breath we have hope.  Also, the body responds to the good we do to it.  And because, as mentioned above, there are simple tools I can use [and you too] to improve.  I already use them and know they work!

Knowledge is power, but lack of it can lead to destruction.  So, one of the first things to do is read.  Learn about what can help and hurt the body.  There is a lot of material out there, but some of it is so wrong.  It shocks and scares me what some people share with the public in print, or on the radio, TV, and Internet.  That’s why I’ve included a Recommend Page on this blog.  These materials tell the truth about health.  Please read Eat To Live, Health Power, The China Study, and Ride with The Wind.  And watch the DVD, Forks Over Knives.  They will open your eyes and give you hope!

Next thing to do is eat and drink better – do it little by little.  What we put in our bodies builds the blood, which builds our health.  Eating and being properly nourished no longer mean the same thing.  More and more we are consuming things we enjoy, but they don’t feed the body. 

Every day the body needs vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, plain water, and more.  The best source for these is drinking water [I used distilled], fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans.  They supply the body with what it needs – in the right amounts.  Plus they contain elements that help protect us from disease, and help us recover if sickness comes.  Even the best animal products can’t offer this.  *Please avoid artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and flavor enhances [like MSG].  They are man-made and not best for the body. 

Another thing to do is exercise.  Do not neglect this.  It is our lifeline to a better existence today and for all our tomorrows.  Every day try to do something you like, and you will be more likely to keep doing it [even gardening and raking].  Action builds better and stronger nerves.  No exercise causes nerves and muscles to become weak.  My favorites: rebounding, swimming, elliptical machines, squats, and walking with walker.

The body operates on the principle of all its parts being in balance all the time.  That includes nerves and muscles.  If we work with our brains and hands [computers, offices, classrooms, stores, etc.], we must also exercise.  Why?  Imbalance.  The nerves that control our mental activity are strained and the mind is overworked, while the nerves controlling our movements are not active.  This inactivity leads to an unbalanced nervous system; to stress, fatigue, and depression; and also causes nerves and muscles to lose their strength.

Lastly, please do your best to avoid falling into the snake pit of self-pity.  It will destroy you bit by bit.  One of the best ways to miss this death trap is to help others.  Find a way to bring sunshine into someone’s life each day.

There is so much more to share, but I will do that in future Posts.  That’s all for now.  Keep fighting, and I’ll see you next time.


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