Does anyone need some hope?  It is the fire that inspires and moves us to try and to do, and to keep trying until something specific is accomplished.  Even when that something seems out of reach or impossible.

For those of us living with MS, or other health challenges, we’ve been living with our symptoms and difficulties for some time, and it may seem there is no possibility of ever improving.  Not so.  I want to remind you of some tools that can help us improve our situation.

I call them nature’s doctors, and they also go by ‘the 8 laws of health’, ‘the 8 natural remedies, or ‘nature’s remedies’.  I’ve mentioned them in various blogs from when I began.  But in a few weeks [about 3 weeks] we will begin to go over each law or remedy in detail.  So, I just want to bring them to your attention again.

These 8 laws are as follows:

  1.  Proper Nutrition

  2. Water – inside and outside

  3. Fresh Air

  4. Sunshine

  5. Exercise

  6. Rest

  7. Moderation – not too much or too little of things [too much exercise or water can hurt us]

  8. Trust in Divine Power

  9. Plus some extras.  They are not considered laws, but they make a powerful difference to a person’s life and health.

    1. Attitude
    2. Purpose
    3. Forgiveness

These laws or remedies offer hope.  They sound so simple, but when used together and properly, they are very powerful in improving health.  And using all of them every day is critical.  Why?  Because they are all connected and work together in synergy.  Synergy means that when used together, daily, they accomplish more than when used one by one.  Each law helps and supports the others.  Awesome.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy them when we get to them.  Until then, see you next time.


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Being Grateful


Grand Teton National Park

Being grateful is a powerful promoter of good health – not only of body, but of mind and spirit.  This is a choice of course.  For life can often punch us in the face, stomp on our heads, then stand back and ask us, “What are you going to do now?”  We can moan and be sorry for our circumstances, or be grateful for any good in the midst of our mess.  Also, how are we going to deal with life’s messes.  I choose to hand my disasters over to my Heavenly Father, and let him handle them.

Like this week.  On Sunday I could not have imagined the trouble I’d find myself  in on Tuesday.  Several medical problems punched me in the face, and required being in the hospital until today [Friday].   Then having to make decisions about all this stuff stomped all over my head.  But I have approached all of this by handing it over to my Father, and being grateful for the good I’ve found and experienced. 

All the doctors and hospital staff were so very kind to me during my stay.  It was humbling to be weak and needing help with much, and having others take care of me so nicely.  And needing to wear adult diapers and having another adult change them was a major humiliation.  But the compassion with which others helped me made me almost want to cry.

I choose to be grateful and say thank you to God, and the kind people He uses, to make my journey through  life’s messes a bit easier.  I hope you will practice gratitude too.

That’s all for now.  See you next time.

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Et’s Baby, Part 1

ET and her Tony - at 13 months

ET and her Tony – at 13 months


Her name was Ethelyn, but her husband called her Et for short.  From the first day that I met her, if her son Tony, was in a room, she’d turn to me with a bright smile and twinkles in her eyes and say, ”There’s Tony.  That’s my baby.”  Her delight in him was obvious – even when he was forty years of age! She had a right.  He was the last of four siblings, born after the others were grown and moved away.  Many have told me that he was a spoiled brat.  While it’s possible, there may have been some cause.

His birth was traumatic – born with the umbilical cord around his neck, and all the near-death complications that comes with that.  Every time that Mother saw her son alive, well, and in his right mind, she probably remembered all the intense prayers for God to save her baby, and how He answered them!  His life was a miracle!


Et and her hubby of [at that time] 50 years marriage

I met his parents before I met Tony.  My girlfriend had been trying to set us up.  “She told me, “You’ll like him.  He’s smart, and you two would be as happy as two bugs in a rug.” No, no, no.  I was done with guys.   I had so many bad relationships and was ready to live a contented single life.  But when I needed a ride to his church, my friend said she’d get me one.  I was suspicious.

When the ride arrived, an older gentleman was at the wheel.  I thought my friend was setting me up with and old guy, until I saw the older lady in the passenger seat.   A delightful couple.   When we arrived at church the most astounding thing happened.  I have to take you back many years so you can grasp this.

On a Wednesday evening in October 1987, God let me know that He had my husband for me.  Amazing!  But I believed Him.  I’d heard His voice many times before, and knew He was interested in everything in my life [and yours too].  I’d been asking Him for a husband, since my track record with choosing dates was a mess.  I could look on a guy’s appearance, listen to his words, and watch his actions.  But my low self-esteem made it easy to believe their lies.  But God looked past the fakeness and saw the true heart of a guy [or a gal].  No baloney got past Him.  So, I was happy to have a certified heavenly promise.  But that was 1987.

Many years passed and no husband showed up.  After one really disastrous relationship I asked God how I could have got into such a mess.  He told me that guy was a counterfeit.  One of my mentors told me to do a study on counterfeits.  I did and learned two outstanding things: 1- Every counterfeit has a reality.  And 2- Whenever God or man has anything good to help us and improve life, there is always a counterfeit of that good thing. So be careful who and what you believe.

Also during that time I learned that, emotionally, I was not ready for a healthy relationship.  I had so much baggage that  had to be cleaned up first.  And that happened from December 1998 to December 1999, when my counselor helped me mend my emotional broken wing.  Then in 2000 I met Tony!

So, fast speed back to arriving at the church with this older couple.  While waiting in the foyer to go in, I looked through the window and saw a young man up front talking.  God said to me firmly, “That’s your reality.”  But I responded, “No, Lord.  No more guys.”

Many details have to be lift out, but I did give into the idea that this young man was heaven’s choice for my husband.  We talked and dated, and one evening he asked “How long is a courtship?”  Shortly after followed the proposal, and then all the wedding plans.  Get a good wedding planner when able!

Our Wedding Day, 9/14/03

Our Wedding Day, 9/14/03

To Be continued In Part 2

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A Magic Wand and Broken Wing, Part 2


Sparrow With A Broken Wing

Continues From Part 1 …


I’d been dragging around this emotional weight for decades, and finally real help was within view. 

I didn’t know how I would pay for the therapy, but found out that the health center, a county facility, charged based on a person’s income.  Blessing.  Then, I didn’t have a car, but getting to the center was a snap.  The bus stop was ½ block from my apartment, and its last stop was right in front of the health center.  Blessings.  

That Friday I was on time [better be], and the counselor came to the waiting room for me.  She was a short, pleasant-looking lady, with a nice smile, and kindness in her eyes.  Immediately I was comfortable with her.  Blessing. 

She had me sit in her office across from her desk, then looked directly at me and in a soft-spoken voice said, “You really don’t want to kill yourself, do you?”  I couldn’t speak, since the tears were flowing down my cheeks.  I just shook my head, “No.”  She then hit me directly with, “You just want the pain to stop.”  The tears flowed harder, but I nodded, “Yes.”  Her face and voice were so full of compassion.  She understood, and I was in safe hands.  Major blessing.

Then she got down to business.  She pointed to a magic wand on her wall and said, “Do you see that magic wand?”  I said yes.  She said, “That’s the magic wand I don’t have.”  I smiled for the first time in a long while. “We are going to work through this.  We will take a journey together.  We will look at your life and decide what pieces we will keep and which ones we’ll toss out.”   

Every Friday at 11am, for the next 12 months, we had our appointments.  She once told me, “I’m going to be good for you.  I’ve made the same mistakes you have.”  Blessing.

Sometime in our 3rd month of sessions, I learned why I had such a poor self-worth; what had happened, and why.  I was able to understand and even forgive those responsible – not in person [was not possible], but in my heart before God.  Major blessings!!!

In the 6th month of our sessions she told me, “You have a broken wing.  You’ve probably not been flying well for a while [my whole life], and now you are grounded.”  But in my case, and maybe some of yours, being grounded is absolutely necessary.  You can do needed repairs only when grounded.  You can recover and regroup when grounded.  And surely, broken wings can heal better when we slow down, stop, and get help.  My healing had started.  I felt happy and lighter.  All that heavy baggage was going away.  I’m grateful for all these blessings!!!

If life’s struggles overwhelm you – especially with MS, don’t be afraid to seek help.  I still have MS, but healing of all my emotional wounds feels so good!

That’s all for now.  See you next week.


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A Magic Wand and Broken Wing, Part 1


No Magic Wands Here

They came from childhood.  Issues that left me feeling worthless.  I tried not to say too much in case others wouldn’t like me, or more likely, they really didn’t want to hear what I had to say.  I was even told that I was as a jinx; and would bring bad luck to anyone who helped me.  So, I used to pray for the protection of anyone who did something nice for me.

These struggles with a poor self-worth were bad enough.  But then MS slammed me with more issues.  A big one was financial problems.  Especially because, for three-plus years I was not able to work full-time, and barely part-time, and was silly enough to buy a car. 

I was a new Registered Nurse.  All my classmates and co-workers had cars.  I used to ask to borrow their cars to go places.  I should have had my own car.  Right?  So, I bought one.  But, during those early years, having MS did not allow me to work enough to make regular payments.  Can you tell where this story is going?  I’ve never shared this with my family, so dear ones, don’t be too shocked by this news. 

Things got so bad that the bank repossessed my car, and it was hard to keep up with my other bills.  I had to file bankruptcy.  Everyone asked “What happened to your car?” I sort of lied and said, “Someone took over the payments.”  Yes, the bank did.  On top of already feeling worthless, this was a crushing blow.  Now I was a legally registered failure.

MS also changed the way I walked.  I looked disabled.  Also, many people shied away from me as though MS was contagious.

As I struggled with these, and other issues, and made some very bad decisions, the emotional weight became unbearable.  Last week I shared with you that dealing with the losses MS brings, could possibly require professional help.  Over the years I did seek out help.  But the counselors were not right matches for me, and I couldn’t afford regular sessions.  So the pain continued – until one evening in 1998.

Enough was enough.  I had reached a breaking point, and saw no way out of always feeling bad about myself.  Some say drastic times require drastic measures.  Actually, they require drastic prayers, but I couldn’t see that during that time.  I cut God out of the picture, but He didn’t cut me loose.  I’m so grateful for that!!!  I’d wanted to end my life, and knew I would if I didn’t get help.  But God’s finger prints are all over what happened next.

One evening I called the ER at the local hospital and shared my need.  They immediately put me through to an Intake Counselor on the Psychiatric Unit.  Blessing!!!  He asked many soul-baring questions, but I was beyond being embarrassed.  I was in deep crisis mode.  Then he told me to call the local health center, in the morning, for an appointment.  I figured oh no – a delay.  But when I called and spoke with another Intake person [more soul-baring questions], my appointment was for the coming Friday at 11am.  Blessing. 

That’s all for now.  See you in part 2

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Continues in Part 2 …

What I’ve Learned, Part 4 – part 2


My new Urban Rebounder

My new Urban Rebounder

Continued from part 1 …


  • For those with MS, nerve impulse transmissions decrease, and weakness increases, when the body temperature goes up [from outside temperatures or fevers].  Stay cool as much as possible.

  • We each have value and a purpose for living.  We have gifts and talents we are to use to help others.  Disease and illness does not stop that.  So look at your gifts and see what you can do.  When working in your purpose and helping others, life will get so sweet!

  • Try to avoid foods with chemicals.  This can be difficult unless you only eat fresh produce and make foods [mainly] from scratch.  Chemicals; additives; artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners; preservatives, and more, do not help the body.

  • What we reap, we will sow.  Or, every action has a reaction.  What we feed our bodies will eventually determine the health or sickness we get.

  • Because so much of today’s foods are genetically modified, and all kind of additives are mixed in, buy the best fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans your budget will allow [organic or farm grown].  Sacrifice in other areas if you must.  But good food is an investment for your health today and many tomorrows. 

  • We all have a choice in what kind of health we will have.  If the old choices are not working, we can choose new ones.  It can be hard, but the brain adapts to our choices.

  • Eat less man-made foods [in boxes, cans, packages, etc.], and more foods made the way nature grew them.  Nature’s foods have what the body needs in just the right amounts. And they contain elements to make us strong and help protect us from disease.

  • I eat foods to help reduce many of my MS symptoms.  I believe that some of my symptoms may be due to not enough good nutrition.  Eating well helps.  At times I use drugs, but not much.  Here are 3 examples:

    • Eating a Red Delicious or Granny Smith apple before bedtime reduces spasms while sleeping.  I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, with a clear mind, feeling stronger, and having improved balance.  Incredible!

    • Eating a salad with Romaine Lettuce helps me sleep with few or no spasms.  It is so relaxing, I can barely stay awake after 9pm.

    • Eating a stalk of celery quickly stops muscle spasms.  In minutes.  For real!

Well, that’s all for now.  See you all next week.


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Principle of Health #5: Forgiving Others is Healing



A principle is a rule or law that never changes.  In this blog we will cover 7 of the many principles of health.  So far we have gone over 4 of them:

#1 – Man Comes in 3-D.  Man is a combination of body, mind, and spirit [[2/1/13].

#2 – The Force is With You.  We are all born with a certain amount of vital force, or energy that maintains life [5/31/13].

#3 – What’s Blood Got To Do With It?  To have good health we must have good blood [7/19/13].

#4 – Doing Good is A Powerful Promoter of Good Health [8/9/13].

And now, #5 – Forgiving Others Helps Heal the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

On Tuesday morning a long forgotten memory came flooding back.  I’m so glad it did.  Why?  For months bits and pieces of anger and bitterness had been seeping out of me, like a draining wound.  I wondered where it was coming from.  Now I knew.

About nine years ago I had been deeply hurt by someone’s words.  But instead of confronting them right away; telling them how much their words had affected me; and then forgiving them, I said nothing and buried it.  It wasn’t hidden anymore.  For months I had been speaking rudely and with disrespect to that person.  Now I understood why. 

The pain of that past hurt, plus my ugly behavior toward that person made me want to weep.  God impressed me to deal with this issue now.  I didn’t want to, but knew I had to.

Why forgive? 

  1. Whether an offense is minor or horrendous, The Bible tells us to forgive others for their wrongs, or God cannot forgive us for our sins [St. Matthew chapter 6, verses 14 and 15].

  2. The body and mind are so closely related, that holding onto anger, grudges, hurts, abuses and more – they all change the body chemistry, destroy health, and can even kill us.  It’s like dragging around a sack with radioactive rocks inside.  The weight is draining , and every day we get more contaminated.

  3. Forgiving frees us and releases us from stress and the past; gives us peace of mind, and helps us heal from physical, mental, and spiritual issues.

It has been said that good health is not just what we are eating, but what is “eating” us [our issues].

We can’t change the past, but forgiving is a choice we can make for how we will live in the present and future.  And after choosing to forgive, we need to pray for help: to want to do it, to do it, and to mean it.

Faking forgiveness can happen.  We can mouth the words without a change of heart.  But the body knows the real thing from the fake – it changes the body chemistry.

Forgiveness is not easy and needs Divine assistant to happen properly.  And you may have to try time after time until it’s real. 

Pray about who you need to see, when you should go, and what your words and attitude should be when you see them. 


Going to a person or persons is not always easy.  Why?

  1. They may not want to hear what you have to say about their past behavior.  Pray first and try anyway.  If they won’t see you, call or write a letter.

  2. If a person’s whereabouts are unknown, write them a letter and then bury or burn it.  Tell God you did your best.

  3. The same would go for a person who died.  Write out your feelings and forgiveness.


What does forgiveness mean and not mean?

  1. It doesn’t mean what was done was OK.

  2. It means you will still remember, but your memories won’t be saturated with pain and anger.

  3. It also means that sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for bad choices and decisions in our past. 

  4. It doesn’t mean to wait for the injuring party to be sorry and come to you.  Possible, but not likely.  As soon as you remember the injury, you seek them out.

  5. It means leaving revenge to God.  He said vengeance belongs to Him [Hebrews chapter 10, verse 30].  And He can take of those who do wrong very nicely!

A first cousin to forgiveness is apologizing to others for wrongs we have done.  Pray and try.  But know that they may not want to hear you, or will respond with much anger.

Next week I hope to be able to go to the person who hurt me.  I’m asking God to direct me and them, so things are done without any problems.


That’s all for now.  I hope something helped someone.  See you next week.


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