It’s So Wonderful!

The Great Patchogue Lake, Long Island, NY

The Great Patchogue Lake, Long Island, NY

Hi!  I hope you all had lovely holiday season.  I’m still working on getting my health back on track.  I learned something quite wonderful during this recovery time, after getting mild heart failure.  It was a real  revelation to understand that when we are sick, our brains don’t function at full power.  The mind and body are intimately connected.  So what happens with one of them, affects the other one.

For a while, after getting sick, I wasn’t able to think well and get things done, and wondered why.  But I read about the brain needing iron to function well.  My iron levels were very low for a long time.  I knew that affected my body – which is why I got the heart failure.  But I just learned that iron deficiency affects brain function!  So, I’ve started to really pump up my iron intake.  Here is what works best for me:

1.  Cooked Lentils – brown, green, or red

2.  Brown rice – best cooked or served with the lentils

3.  Cooked organic beets

4.  Sautéed collard greens and Bok Choy – with some olive oil, onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper

5.  A Tablespoon of blackstrap molasses – 2-3 times a day

6.  Ripe avocado

7.  I also ordered a juicer.  When it comes I’ll make lots of yummy green juices to help boost my iron

So, I’m hoping I will be back to he blog next Friday.  Thank you for hanging in there for me.  Take good care.



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