Et’s Baby, Part 2

Continued From Part 1 …

We chose a great pastor to do our wedding.  But he announced to us that he required two things if he would agree: 1- Three months of pre-marital counseling.  That was cool.  He said he’d had enough of all the divorces.  And 2- Heath certificates from our care providers.  He said we needed to be clear what each other was getting into.  Because people lied to each other.  My certificated stated that my MS would get worse over time.  Tony had to read mine, and I read his.  He accepted my report.  Major blessing!

But even though Tony accepted me, I wondered how his family would take a disabled person [was walking with a cane then].  Well one day while visiting their church, his Father was about to pass me in the aisle, but instead he took my hand.  He said, “Hello daughter.”  It stopped me in my tracks and I asked him what he called me.  “Daughter”, he said, then kept going.  Major blessing!

Our Wedding Day, 9/14/03

Our Wedding Day, 9/14/03

The wedding was lovely.  We had 200 guests [yipes], but also a small army of friends and family who took care of details and helped us have a wonderful day.  Major blessing.  But I’ve shared much of this story so I could emphasize a few things I learned and appreciate.

  1. God is interested in every detail of our lives.  Talk to Him, then listen.  Ask Him for what you need – as long as it’s for your best interest.

  2. God never breaks a promise – whether He speaks it to you, or you read one in The Bible and claim it for your life.

  3. God has His own time table for doing things.  He promised me a husband in 1987.  I met Tony in 2000.  Thirteen years passed before the promise was fulfilled!  But sometimes God has to get us ready for the gifts He has for us.  My emotional baggage had to be cleaned up first.

  4. When I was emotionally well, God blessed me with the most wonderful ‘boy-next-door’.  Sort of.  We lived 12 miles from each other for years and didn’t meet each other.

  5. Et’s baby has become my Tony.  I believe his Mom passed me the ‘baton’ on our wedding day, after the reception.  As several of us sat on lawn chairs in front of the church, just talking, his Mom sat on my right side and held my hand.  And Tony sat on my left side, holding my other hand.

My Tony is such a kind, gentle, thoughtful, and strong man.  I am proud that he is very smart, diligent, and is a man of integrity – doing and saying what is right. I am so very, very grateful for him and his love.  He is my love, my best friend, my beach buddy, and my partner in whimsical things.

Tony in Chicago

Tony in Chicago

Each evening he comes home from work and asks me, “What can I do for you?”  He does for me before I ask for help.  And when transferring from the scooter to the car, his hand is always right there.  There are times my legs buckle and I fall and can’t get up.  He’s there to give a strong lift.  He doesn’t complain.  Our life is different than what I [and maybe he] envisioned 10 years ago.

One of the things that nearly breaks my heart about this man are his prayers.  Whether we are going out in the car, or going to eat a meal [at home or out]. He always reaches for my hand before praying.  Or when he prays over me that God will take care of me during my day, and give him the strength to help me!  My Tony is an off-the charts blessing!

Mutley and her Tony

Mutley and her Tony at his Dad’s 90th Birthday Party

That’s all for now.  See you next week.

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