More on Sugar


For months I’ve gradually been cutting down on sugars.  I’m a “dessert queen”, but even those have decreased.  And it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.  Because I keep in mind several terrible experiences when I ate too much sugar.  But this past Monday I took some backward steps by asking my husband to bring home a McDonald’s chocolate shake. 

It looked wonderful and tasted very sweet.  But I finished it right down to the whip cream and cherry.  Then I felt sick to my stomach and started getting tingling in my fingertips.  Not good.

I wondered how much sugar was in that shake.  So I did a Yahoo search on sugar in McDonald’s chocolate shakes.  A medium chocolate shake contains 111 grams of sugar, which equals 27 ¾ teaspoons of sugar [111 divided by 4].  That’s a lot of sugar!  Who would sit down and eat all that? 

At my sister’s suggestion I put 27 ¾ teaspoons of brown sugar into a glass, just to see how it looked.  It’s almost ½ of a 19 ounce glass.  Yipes!  I took a picture of it and posted it on today’s blog.    *A McDonald’s shake can get worse: the large triple chocolate shake contains 168 grams of sugar, which equals 40 teaspoons sugar! 

Today, too many people are eating lots of sugar.  Some we add to our foods.  But much is already ‘hidden’ in the foods and beverages we buy.  When possible, and a food item has a label, we can check those for how much sugar is in them.  Take the grams of sugar in each serving and divide it by 4, then multiply it by the total number of servings.  That will give you the teaspoons of sugar in that product.

Sugar helps foods taste good, but it has some unpleasant properties that all of us could do without.  Such as: increases risks for diabetes and obesity; raises blood fat levels; cripples the immune system to fight against germs and cancer cells; causes inflammation [making my MS symptoms worse]; ages the skin; causes constipation; clouds thinking; steals vitamin B-1 which nourishes nerves [hence, tingling in fingertips]; can cause hardening of the arteries and heart disease; dehydrates us [sugar needs more water to be processed]; increases risks for cancer, and more.  *The more sugar and animal fat consumed, the greater the risks for several kinds of cancers [including breast, prostate, and colon].

I’m not saying not to eat anything sweet, just do it moderately.  A little sweetness is okay, but not too much.  And try to keep track of how many sweet items we put into our bodies every day.  And try to watch what your children and families are taking in. 

When I bake, I use Sucanat sugar to sweeten things.  To sweeten cereals or oatmeal and cornmeal porridge, I use chopped dates, organic maple syrup, or chopped fruits. 

But I especially want to emphasize the way sugar cripples the immune system.  Humans have always been exposed to an assortment of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, cancer cells, parasites, fungi, and other invaders.  But it seems to me, that today’s world is seeing an increase in all kinds of new, old, and even returning super-invaders.  Some are totally unresponsive to medications.  To help fight today’s germ warfare, a strong immune system is our best defense.  When in tip-top shape, the immune system can identify and kill invaders.  But when weak, it can’t do much.  And at times it can’t do anything.

The more sugar eaten [and animal fat], the less fighting and killing power our immune cells have.  So, to help stay well, cut down the sugar.  If sick and want to get better faster, cut out the sugar.  Other ways to help improve the immune system include good rest every night; decrease stress; drink more water; eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts; get moderate sunshine and exercise daily; help others, and decrease caffeine.

That’s all for now.  See you next time.


Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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