Principle of Health #5: Forgiving Others is Healing


A principle is a rule or law that never changes.  In this blog we will cover 7 of the many principles of health.  So far we have gone over 4 of them:

#1 – Man Comes in 3-D.  Man is a combination of body, mind, and spirit [[2/1/13].

#2 – The Force is With You.  We are all born with a certain amount of vital force, or energy that maintains life [5/31/13].

#3 – What’s Blood Got To Do With It?  To have good health we must have good blood [7/19/13].

#4 – Doing Good is A Powerful Promoter of Good Health [8/9/13].

And now, #5 – Forgiving Others Helps Heal the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

On Tuesday morning a long forgotten memory came flooding back.  I’m so glad it did.  Why?  For months bits and pieces of anger and bitterness had been seeping out of me, like a draining wound.  I wondered where it was coming from.  Now I knew.

About nine years ago I had been deeply hurt by someone’s words.  But instead of confronting them right away; telling them how much their words had affected me; and then forgiving them, I said nothing and buried it.  It wasn’t hidden anymore.  For months I had been speaking rudely and with disrespect to that person.  Now I understood why. 

The pain of that past hurt, plus my ugly behavior toward that person made me want to weep.  God impressed me to deal with this issue now.  I didn’t want to, but knew I had to.

Why forgive? 

  1. Whether an offense is minor or horrendous, The Bible tells us to forgive others for their wrongs, or God cannot forgive us for our sins [St. Matthew chapter 6, verses 14 and 15].

  2. The body and mind are so closely related, that holding onto anger, grudges, hurts, abuses and more – they all change the body chemistry, destroy health, and can even kill us.  It’s like dragging around a sack with radioactive rocks inside.  The weight is draining , and every day we get more contaminated.

  3. Forgiving frees us and releases us from stress and the past; gives us peace of mind, and helps us heal from physical, mental, and spiritual issues.

It has been said that good health is not just what we are eating, but what is “eating” us [our issues].

We can’t change the past, but forgiving is a choice we can make for how we will live in the present and future.  And after choosing to forgive, we need to pray for help: to want to do it, to do it, and to mean it.

Faking forgiveness can happen.  We can mouth the words without a change of heart.  But the body knows the real thing from the fake – it changes the body chemistry.

Forgiveness is not easy and needs Divine assistant to happen properly.  And you may have to try time after time until it’s real. 

Pray about who you need to see, when you should go, and what your words and attitude should be when you see them. 


Going to a person or persons is not always easy.  Why?

  1. They may not want to hear what you have to say about their past behavior.  Pray first and try anyway.  If they won’t see you, call or write a letter.

  2. If a person’s whereabouts are unknown, write them a letter and then bury or burn it.  Tell God you did your best.

  3. The same would go for a person who died.  Write out your feelings and forgiveness.


What does forgiveness mean and not mean?

  1. It doesn’t mean what was done was OK.

  2. It means you will still remember, but your memories won’t be saturated with pain and anger.

  3. It also means that sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for bad choices and decisions in our past. 

  4. It doesn’t mean to wait for the injuring party to be sorry and come to you.  Possible, but not likely.  As soon as you remember the injury, you seek them out.

  5. It means leaving revenge to God.  He said vengeance belongs to Him [Hebrews chapter 10, verse 30].  And He can take of those who do wrong very nicely!

A first cousin to forgiveness is apologizing to others for wrongs we have done.  Pray and try.  But know that they may not want to hear you, or will respond with much anger.

Next week I hope to be able to go to the person who hurt me.  I’m asking God to direct me and them, so things are done without any problems.


That’s all for now.  I hope something helped someone.  See you next week.


Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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