My Sugar Blues, Part 2


This sugar is mostly refined white sugar, made from sugar cane or sugar beets.  It has no vitamins, minerals, or fiber of its own.  But this also refers to other sweeteners too.  For example: high fructose corn syrup [man-made; cheap]; brown sugar [white sugar mixed with molasses]; molasses [has some vitamins and minerals]; honey [contains protein and enzymes]; and the many man-made artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet, Saccharine, Sorbitol, and more.  Besides being chemicals, they can cause many negative side effects like seizures, increased appetite, and even weight gain.    *Sugar In The Raw is not raw sugar.  Raw Sugar is not legal in the USA because of contaminants.

NEWS FLASH:  The body reacts to all sugars the same way.  So even if natural and organic, don’t over-use sugar.  And avoid those artificial sweeteners.

We add some sugar to our foods, but sugar is also hidden in many items.  Read labels for how many grams of sugar is in something.  Then multiply it by the number of servings, then divide that number by 4.  This will give you the number of teaspoons of sugar in a food/beverage.  The numbers can be crazy [4 grams sugar = 1 teaspoon sugar].  Here are two examples:

Breyer’s 1.5 quart of butter Almond Ice Cream –

This 1.5 quart contains 12 grams sugar for each serving.

There are 12 servings per container.

12 grams x 12 servings = 144 grams sugar.

Divide 144 grams sugar by 4 teaspoons = 36 teaspoons sugar in container or 3 teaspoons per serving.


One 20 ounce bottle of Pepsi Cola soda contains 69 grams sugar.

There is only one serving per bottle.

Divide 69 grams sugar by 4 = 17.25 teaspoons sugar in each 20 ounce bottle.  That’s massive!

NEWS FLASH:  Good health does not need sugar.  It’s best to get sugar from fruits, vegetables nuts, figs, dates, and other natural sources.  Get it the way nature made it, but don’t eat too much – even of good things.

But three incidents ‘knocked me in the head’ about the reality of sugar’s not-so-sweet-side.

1st Incident: February 17, 2011 my hubby and I were in the ER because I couldn’t take steps, walk, or bear weight on my legs.  Even my arms were weak.  The left knee was swollen and the pain was terrible.  What happened?  All that day I had been enjoying meals accompanied by pie, cake, ice cream, sodas, and even candies.  Ridiculous!  By 5pm I could barely walk.  After the exam and x-rays, the ER doctor said it was inflammation.  He gave me an Oxycodone tablet, and within minutes I could raise my legs, stand, and take steps!  I didn’t know inflammation could do that – but it was quickly reversed.  What’s the point?  For anyone, especially those with MS, too much sugar can greatly increase inflammation, which can increase MS symptoms.  Reduce the sugar eaten.  This takes time, but tastes can change.  And eventually you will not want too many sweets.

Years ago, when I told a lady in our MS support group about sugar, she replied, “I’d rather be in a wheelchair than give up sugar.” The next time I saw her she was in a wheelchair, and showed me her new lift to get it into her car.

2nd Incident: November 16, 2012 I came down with the flu just days after eating a slice of my homemade peanut butter pie [very sweet ingredients].  Right after I ate it my throat started scratching, then each day brought new and worse symptoms.

3rd  Incident:  Just 2 weeks ago, right after eating a Mr. Goodbar candy bar, my throat started scratching.  A bad cold followed and I took an over-the-counter medication to help.  On one hand it cleared up annoying symptoms.  But on the other hand, it left my brain like scrambled eggs.  Not a good way to be. 

What’s the point for  the 2nd and 3rd incident?  At any time our bloodstreams can contain germs, cancer cells, parasites, or other body invaders.  They cannot break into our cells unless our immune systems are weakened or deactivated.  Sugar does both.  So, when I ate that slice of pie and that candy bar, their sugar content weakened my immune system so that germs could break in and multiply.  Sickness quickly followed.  So, to help prevent sickness and cancer, eat much less sugar.

The more sugar eaten, the less germs the White Blood Cells can destroy.  And this deactivation of the body’s fighter cells lasts at least 5 hours [after eating the sugar] in a normal person.  See below:

 Teaspoons of Sugar Eaten                # of Bacteria Destroyed

    1. 0 teaspoons …………………………….  14 bacteria

    2. 6 teaspoons …………………………  10 bacteria

    3. 12 teaspoons ………………………..  5.5 bacteria

    4. 18 teaspoons ………………………..  2.0 bacteria

    5. 24 teaspoons ………………………..  1.0 bacteria!

Bottom line:  Sugar tastes sweet, but it’s really a bitter enemy.  To help the body fight off bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and other invaders, and to help resist inflammation, drastically cut back on sugars of all kinds. 

I hope this helped someone. That’s all for now.  See you next time.


Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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