What Did You Do?

I Wasn't A Good Girl

I Wasn’t A Good Girl

This post was supposed to be on Principle of Health #3, but I wanted to share an experience with you.  Perhaps my folly can help someone else.

This all began last Thursday [6/13/13] when I cooked dinner for the weekend.  I didn’t have much time, so I needed something fast, easy, and delicious.   On the menu was brown rice , organic sweet corn kernels, organic leaf spinach,* and a vegetarian dinner roast [a local health food store carries numerous non-meat, meat-like products].   *I don’t buy all organic.  It’s costly.  But I will usually splurge on organic vegetables and blueberries.

This dinner roast is delicious especially when I add onion powder, garlic powder, and thyme, then bake it.  It’s made from wheat gluten, wheat flour, artificial flavors, MSG, and a lot more stuff.  My husband likes it, and sadly, so do I.  But I am gluten and wheat sensitive – they make me weak, and MSG [a flavor enhancer] gives me horrible leg spasms.  I should never touch that roast.  But I did.  I ate a slice Friday evening.  Saturday morning my legs were so weak.  But dumb got dumber when I had two slices on Saturday.  The muscles got weaker.  Then dumber got dumbest (?) when I ate two slices on Sunday.  Company was over and they ate a lot of it too.

Not only was this roast devastating my nerves and muscles, but so was the gravy – cream of mushroom soup [contains enriched wheat flour and more MSG].   I had added onion powder, garlic powder, and some cayenne pepper [for a kick]; blended it and poured it over the roast slices.  It was good!  But I was barely able to take steps, and my right knee was painful and collapsing.  I was relying on my faithful scooter to get around.  I also had horrible spasms in my neck and behind my ears.  They felt like hot piercing knives.  These spasms usually let me know my body is full of inflammation or in relapse.  I was a mess and knew help was needed.  I planned to call my neurologist and see if he would call in to my pharmacy a short – term dose of Prednisone [steroid].  That would usually perk me up.

But before calling the doctor I wanted to see if juicing would help things.  I juiced pineapple and strawberries in the morning and carrots and celery in the evening.  My skin looked great, I had more energy, and the leg spasms were a lot less.  But I was still barely able to take steps, and  Tuesday night I fell three times.    

On Wednesday morning my sister in-law had heard about me falling and wanted to know if she could do anything to help.  I told her my plan to ask the doctor for steroids.  I didn’t like their bad side effects,* but wanted quick relief from my symptoms.  Then, wise woman that she is, she asked,  “Is there anything else you can take to help?” I thought for a moment and told her, “Flaxseed oil – it goes into the body faster than the ground seeds, and helps reduce inflammation.”  Because of her question, I asked my husband to bring home a bottle of Spectrum  Organic Flaxseed Oil Enriched with Ligans.    *Some of my good side effects from Prednisone: wonderful strength and energy, great complexion, and clear thinking; and the bad ones – increased blood sugar, sweating, swelling, and being crabby at the end.

I took some oil Wednesday evening and had more energy, clearer thinking, and the neck spasms stopped.  I took more on Thursday and continued to feel better.  And today I can take steps without my right leg hurting or collapsing.  I’m going to keep  taking this oil. 

What’s the point of me sharing this?

1.  Know your body and study what makes it feel better or worse.  Then avoid the hurtful things.  Keep a food diary.

2.  What helps or hurts the body, helps or hurts the brain.   We need sharp brains.

3.  Avoid processed foods whose list of ingredients are several inches long.  Use more foods close to how nature made them.

4.  Feeling, moving, and thinking poorly are not good or fun.  Don’t be dumb like I was – chasing after something that tastes good, but beat the mess out of my body and brain.  Take care of the only body you or I will ever have.

Take good care.  See you next time.


2 thoughts on “What Did You Do?

    • Dear Annette, I have an 8 fluid ounce bottle of Spectrum Organic Omega-3 Flaxseed Oil enriched with Ligans. I started out taking 1 teaspoon of the flaxseed oil, and have worked up to 1 tablespoon before breakfast, followed by a small glass of orange or pineapple juice. Tomorrow I will start taking another tablespoon before dinner. I started out with 1 teaspoon because I noticed, when I took 2 tablespoonsin the past with orange juice,it would make my bowels move too much. But so far 1 tablespoon doesn’t cause problems. But you should advance your dosage slowly to see where your body is comfortable with it. Take it before meals. The label says to take it with food. So far, just this small dose has stopped my neck spasms, given me more energy, and clearer thinking. I think it’s anti-inflammatory properties are helping me. I hope this helps. But it might be good to let your healthcare provider know if you want to take this. Just in case it won’t go along with any of your medications. Take good care, Regina


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