What I’ve Learned,Part 3

These are my experiences.  Check with your healthcare provider before trying anything.

What happened to you?What happened to you?

Before we move on to Principle of Health #3, I’d like to share a few more things I’ve learned while living with MS.  In July it will make 29 years!  Wow!

    1. Eating turnip greens, kale, or collard greens increase my strength;

    2. Eating apples increase my strength and balance; reduce blurred vision and ‘foggy brain’;

    3. Drinking freshly juiced wheatgrass [buy at health food stores], or pineapple and cantaloupe juice increase strength and steadiness, clear up ‘foggy brain’, and make my body feel so happy!  For real!

  • I try to choose foods to help me get and stay well.  But when I get weaker, tired, foggy-brained, have blurred vision, or other symptoms, unless it’s very serious, I try not to go to the doctor right away [will go if needed].  First I ask myself 3 questions:

    1. “What did you eat or drink that could have caused this?”  Most times I can [quickly] trace my symptom back to a wrong choice.

    2. What are you getting too much of [that my body doesn’t need] or not enough of [what my body needs]?

    3. What do you have in the house that can help reverse these symptoms?

  • For me, my MS symptoms increase when inflammation increases from unwise choices.  To help reduce inflammation I drink ground flaxseed water; eat pineapple, strawberry, papaya, or grapes; munch on celery and carrot; eat brown rice, beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, greens [turnip, kale, collard, etc.].

  • Disease is common, not normal.  But change is possible.  We may not cure MS [or other illnesses] by eating and living better, but by making healthier choices we can improve our existence.

  • Years ago I used to fall a lot – either while walking or when I could still ride my bike [don’t fall anymore].  I had bumps, bruises, and cuts on my arms, legs, and face.  But I started to see a connection to things I ate.  I could name the food I’d eaten before each accident.  A few usual suspects?  Bagels, brownies*, boxed cakes, Kaiser Rolls, and foods with breadcrumbs on them.  They all contain gluten – which I am sensitive to; all are made from refined flour – which is missing most of the B vitamins needed by nerves; and all weakened my muscles and balance.  People with nerve problems need to avoid refined foods, and eat plant foods as close to how nature grew them. 

    • *Bad Brownie: A few days before an important date with my, then, soon-to-be hubby, I ate a brownie.  Afterwards, while shopping for a dress for that event, I  tripped outside a store, fell, and smashed my right cheek bone on the sidewalk.  Major black and blue!  But with prayers, frequent ice, and Epsom Salt wet packs, my face looked fine for the date.

  • In my dreams I can run.  And in one bad dream I even ran away from criminals shooting guns at me.  Ha!  I’d love to be able to walk well again.  But it would be wonderful to run.  The body has the incredible ability to heal itself if – we stop destructive choices, and give the body what it needs [like water, fresh air, nutrients, fiber, rest, exercise, etc.].  If I consistently treat my body well, just maybe. 

    • Years ago, my therapist at a lifestyle center told me, “Bombard your brain and muscles with the messages: lift your feet; wider stride; do squats and go deeper each time.”  He meant – try to move and keep trying.  Each attempt sends a message to the brain and muscles.  I will try and perhaps, one day, I’ll really run.  I’ll keep you informed.

That’s all for now.  See you next week.

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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