Raw Energy

Raw Energy

Years ago Mom used to tell me, “Choose your supermarket by the produce department.”  Back then I didn’t understand that fruits and vegetables didn’t just look and taste good, but they also had incredible health benefits.  I’m understanding it now!  Fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds – along with whole grains and beans, are powerful!  They contain elements that help prevent disease as well as nourish, build-up, cleanse, and heal the body.  But, their wonderful work is better accomplished when they are eaten raw [not all vegetables can be eaten raw, and most grains and all beans must be cooked]. 

What Is Raw Eating?

Basically, fruits and many vegetables are not cooked, grilled, baked, etc.  Raw foods are ‘living foods’, and are eaten without weakening or destroying their vitamins, minerals proteins, fiber, amino acids, and enzymes.  These elements can go into the body, full strength, to do their work.  However, some raw foods are heated slowly at low temperatures.  But not above 110º or 118 º F [depending on the source], so none of the delicate nutrients are affected.  This is usually done in a dehydrator. 

Some Problems With Cooking:

  • Some vitamins are destroyed, and many lose their strength;

  • Minerals leak out into the cook water;

  • Proteins are broken down;

  • Fiber is softened, so it doesn’t help move the bowels as well;

  • Increases inflammation;

  • Produces free radicals – destructive molecules that damage cells [associated with cancer, early aging, and heart disease].  The hotter the cooking, the more free-radicals produced;

  • Requires more energy to digest;

  • Since nutrients are lost, it takes more food to satisfy the taste – leading to over-eating.


Some Benefits of Raw Eating:

Experts say we should not sit down to a meal with all cooked food.  We should have some raw with each meal.  They also say we should eat 80% raw and 20% cooked foods.  But that takes time and a lot of experimenting.

  • Vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes are not damaged;

  • Requires less energy to digest and remove wastes from body;

  • Reduces inflammation.  This is why fresh fruits or raw vegetables [like salads] should always be eaten before the meal; before any cooked foods;

  • More energy and strength;

  • Cleaner blood – leading to a clearer mind, better memory, and stronger spiritual connection;

  • Strengthens the immune system – reducing risks for illness and disease;

  • Decreases depression;

  • Improves muscle tone – so you look and move better;

  • Clean, clear, and silky smooth skin;

  • Clear eyes and possibility of improved vision;

  • Improves bowel movements;

  • Antioxidants in plant-foods make free-radicals harmless [like in strawberries, oranges, apples, and tomatoes];

  • Decreases fat deposits; 

  • It balances the body: overweight folks will lose weight, but underweight folks will gain weight.  


MS Tip:  Eating more raw foods can help me improve my present health, and help prevent future illness and disease [for you too].  I already have MS [and Essential Thrombocythemia – too many platelets] I don’t need any more sicknesses.  Who does? 

I love good vegetarian and vegan foods, and desserts!  But I’m learning to do more raw dishes.  There are recipes in books and on the Internet, but I’m going slow and simple for now.  Here are a four of my favorites.

  • Power breakfast: oats, raw almonds, sunflower seeds, ground flaxseeds, chopped dates; stir well and soak overnight in [just one] soy milk, pineapple juice, or water.  Next morning add chopped pineapple, or grapes, chopped apples, or berries.  This makes me feel happy and so energized!

  • Raw carrot salad – grate carrots fine and add vegan mayonnaise and some raisins.

  • Raw kale – cut off stems, tear leaves into small pieces, wash leaves, drain and pat dry; add some olive oil and rub into leaves until softer; add grape or chopped tomatoes, some seasoning, and enjoy.

  • Cashew cheese – raw, organic, cashews –  rinse 2-3 times [dirty], put in blender or Vitamix® and add water, pimentos, onion and garlic powder, nutritional yeast, salt, lemon juice, and blend till creamy.  Add to pasta, or add some salsa – for nice dip.

With raw, keep it simple, attractive, tasty, and smelling great.  Enjoy pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, or whole grain breads, but have some raw foods with them.  Raw eating gives me so much hope for feeling, looking, and moving better.  And maybe it will do the same for you too.  I’ll do a post with just recipes in a few days.  Best to you.


Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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