Tips On Detox, Part 1

This is Digby-George. Met him in Wales, UK.  Looks like he has something to say

This is Digby-George. Met him in Wales. He looks like he has something to say on this topic.

There are many complicated and costly products and treatments available for improving health. But getting better health – for the most part, is and should be simple, sensible [it makes sense], and affordable for all. I’d like to share some simple remedies with you. I’ve used them to help reduce or remove toxins from my body [and they may help you too].  *Note: When detoxing the body, drink more water. It will help to rinse out toxins and wastes.

Detoxing the body is necessary if you have constipation or autointoxication. But it’s also needed because we live with pollutants outside, in the water, in the food, and in the indoor air [from new carpets, paint, new sheets and blankets, gases, etc.].  *Note: Wash new sheets and blankets 1-2 times before using, to remove strong chemical smells. And each home should have a carbon monoxide detector.

We have 5 organs of elimination which help get rid of body wastes and toxins: the skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, and the colon. These organs work hard, but they could use our help. So here are 4 simple tips that assist our organs in their work. *Check with your health care provider if you want to try any.

*Note: Experts have said that without fruits and vegetables it would not be possible to be healthy.

1st Detox Method: Warm Lemon Water

• This is powerful! Use it each day, especially when getting sick or trying to recover. Using it gave me quick relief from colds, the flu, and bronchitis.

• In the morning, before eating, warm a cup of water, squeeze in the juice of ½ of a fresh lemon, then drink. At times I also add a dash of cayenne pepper to it – to help cut mucus, and 1-2 Tablespoons of organic maple syrup – for sweetness.

• Lemons kill germs and toxins in the blood, when it’s gargled with, and when it’s put on the skin. It also helps prevent cancer and other diseases; strengthen the immune system; helps anemia by increasing iron absorption; helps improve blood flow; gets rid of uric acid that can cause gout and joint pains; helps dead skin peel off; makes the blood more alkaline [not acid], and much more.

2nd Detox Method: Fruits and Vegetables

• They help loosen and remove toxins from the blood, cells, and tissues. They also contain numerous phytochemicals [plant chemicals] that can prevent hardening of the arteries, cancer, and other diseases.

• Fruits and vegetables contain fiber [not digestible], which helps the bowels move easer, and carries cholesterol out the body with the feces

Fruits – eat fresh when possible [can also juice them or make smoothies with them. Canned fruit are not as nourishing. And don’t use sulphered [dried] fruits – they are not good for the body. Drink or eat fruits before other foods, since they prepare the system for digestion.

Vegetables – can be juiced or eaten fresh, steamed, boiled, or raw.

1. Juice 2-3 types vegetables and drink before eating foods. [My favorite – beets, carrots, and celery].

2. Eat fresh salads every day before lunch or dinner. Use Romaine lettuce when possible. Salads are very cleansing. *Please wash all salad fixings labeled “prewashed”.

To be continued …

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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