Autointoxication – Part 3 of 3

Autointoxication, Part 3 of 3


Some Ways of Treating Constipation and Autointoxication

One author said that there is no ‘magic bullet’ to cure constipation. We just have to live right and eat well.

1. Food is the best laxative. Eat a variety of high-fiber plant foods. 
2. Drink more water daily
3. Upon waking, drink 2 glasses of warm water with 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in each glass. Lemon gets rid of toxins in blood; helps kill germs, prevent cancer and other diseases; builds up iron; gets rid of uric acid that can cause joint pain, and much more. *This is one of the best helpers for the blood, colon, and the liver
4. Exercise daily – do something to move and strengthen internal and external muscles
5. Eat lots of greens – kale, collard, turnip, mustard, etc. Don’t cook them until they’re dead
6. Eat lots of fruits – they are natural laxatives and will also lubricate the colon so things move faster and easier. Especially apples, oranges, pears, dates, figs, prunes
7. Eat some raw vegetables each day – like a salad, cole slaw, or uncooked broccoli or carrots and celery *More on raw food recipes will be coming
8. Eat an apple [apples absorb intestinal toxins] and an orange before bedtime, and in the morning drink the 2 glasses of warm lemon water – this will help bowels move during night or in the morning
9. Put a teaspoon of ground flax seeds in a cup of warm water and drink it 30 minutes before a meal, or before bedtime.  Then in the morning drink 2 glasses of warm lemon water. Flax seeds help bowels move
10. Olives are good laxatives. Eat some with each meal. Plus their oil is beneficial when eaten right in the plant
11. Drink raw fruit or vegetable juices. Juices help to get rid of poisons from blood and body

*Avoid cooking with aluminum cookware and utensils – aluminum comes off in the food and can contribute to constipation [and Alzheimer’s]

*Walk after meals when possible, to help digestion and bowel activity

MS Tips
*These tips are from my experience. Please do not try any without the knowledge and permission of your healthcare provider. Some of these have risks associated. OK?

  • I believe in autointoxication, not just because it makes sense to me, but because I’ve treated it with great success over the years. You can’t treat something if it doesn’t exist. Starting in 1989, after reading about ‘High Enemas’ in Jethro Kloss’ book, “Back To Eden”, I gave myself 2 quart enemas[with herbal teas] every week until 1995. Afterwards I could walk without cane or walker; worked 12 hour shifts in the hospital; had lots of energy; clear thinking; cleaner skin; no back or joint pains; increased optimism; and improved prayer life. It worked, but was not enjoyable to do.

  • Then a co-worked introduced me to colonics – 5 gallons of warm water slowly put into the colon by a tube. Another tube allowed waste to come out. I’ve had 2 done in New York City by professional therapists. Afterwards I felt so light, I thought I could jump and run, and had the same benefits I mentioned above. It’s so interesting: as soon as the colon is empty, my optimism increases. About colonics: they are thorough, costly, not all therapists are good, and there are risks of damaging the bowel.

  • I’ve also used herbal capsules as 3-part program for colon cleansing, parasite removal, and rebuilding the body. They worked wonderfully. These products are online from the Awareness Corporation.  They can be purchased individually or as a package. Prices are fair.  But you must drink lots of water with the capsules and be able to get to the bathroom. Again, the benefits were the same as all the other cleansing efforts.

  • Now, I’m at a place where I want to do things simply and naturally. I’m using high-fiber foods to help clean out the colon. Also apples, oranges, flax seeds, dates, and increased water and exercise. And I’m going to start using more raw vegetables, and start back with the warm lemon water in the morning [I’d stopped] .

Whatever you choose to do to help cleanse your colon, be consistent. This problem didn’t start yesterday. It will take time to correct it. And we must correct it.

I hope this sheds some light on a big topic. Let me know if you have any questions. My best to you. See you next week.

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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