Autointoxication – Part 2 of 3

Autointoxication – Part 2 of 3

Where It Came From 

The colon is an organ in the abdomen.  It’s about 4 to 6 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter.  Its purpose is to transport wastes, from digestion and wastes from the blood, out of the body.  It’s not a storage tank.  Ideally we should have a bowel movement after each meal, or 3 each day.  But slow-moving bowels are more common for a lot of people.  Just look at all the products in the Laxative isle in a drug store or supermarket.

The time it takes food to go from the start of the digestive system [mouth] to being eliminated from the body, is called the transit time.  Ideally this time should be no more than 24 hours.  But in reality, transit time in the USA is about 72 hours.  In Australia it is about 41 hours.  And in Africa it is about 36 hours.  The longer wastes remain in the body, the greater the chance of developing chronic diseases.

Note:  Good health is not possible without clean blood.  And clean blood is not possible unless the colon is kept clean. 

When wastes don’t leave the body within 24 hours, the internal body temperature [96 to 98 degrees] will work on them.  Remains of animal products will putrefy [rot], and plant products will ferment.  If you have ever been around a dead animal you know that rotting flesh is smelly.  But in the colon, poisons given off by rotting  and fermenting wastes, are reabsorbed by the blood and carried to the rest of the body.  Over time, if wastes don’t leave the body, they can get stored on the walls of the colon – making the 2 inch diameter smaller. 

Constipation is the term for the decrease in normal bowel movements.  It can be occasional or long-term, but is usually accompanied by pushing, straining, pain, and dry and hard feces.  Some symptoms include foul breath, body odor, headaches, migraines, skin issues like eczema, back and side pain, joint pain, dizziness, constant fatigue, muddy-looking complexion, insomnia [brain cells are irritated], depression, cancer, early senility, and more.

The body organs all work together and help each other.  There are ‘organs of elimination’ that work to get rid of body wastes.  They are the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, colon [or bowel, and nose and throat.  So, when the colon can’t empty wastes regularly, these organs help out while doing their own jobs.  This puts a great burden on them and the whole body.

If constipation is not corrected, after years degenerative changes [decreased function] begin to show up.  These include changes in eyes, ears, heart, liver, nerves, skin, and more.  These can lead numerous problems like hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, hiatal hernia, cancer, and more.

A Few Causes for Constipation  [there are many]

  1. Not going to the bathroom when you feel the urge

  2. Lack of exercise leaves external and internal muscles weak

  3. Slouchy posture; not sitting up straight – crowds organs

  4. Too many refined, processed, and fast foods – usually have little fiber and lots of fat, salt, and sugar

  5. Not drinking enough water – it adds moisture to the colon, so feces are not dry and hard

  6. Not enough fiber-rich plant foods   *[Fiber: the indigestible part of plant foods that adds bulk to feces and  speeds up their elimination.  And as fiber leaves the body, it carries out cholesterol]. 

  7. Stress

  8. Drinking with meals slows digestion.  Drink before eating or an hour after

  9. Spinal injuries [accidents]

  10. Over-use of laxatives gives only temporary relief, but takes away natural reflexes of the bowel, and makes the body dependent on the drug 

  11. Over-cooked vegetables 

  12. Some items that prevent proper elimination: dairy, white sugar, white flour, white rice, meats, fowl, fish, eggs [contain no fiber];chocolate, tea, coffee, cocoa, alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, drugs for sleeping, and more

To Be Continued …

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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