Autointoxication – Part 1 of 3

Autointoxication – Part 1 of 3

Background What is it? In simple terms: it is self-poisoning.  It is when wastes [like feces, bile, mucus, bacteria, etc.] remain in the colon too long, they produce toxic substances which are then reabsorbed by the blood, and then carried to the rest of the body. If this situation is not corrected, over time this process can cause diseases to develop. Before we get to the “how” and “why”, I just want to share a little background information.

This material is based on what I’ve learned, experienced, and what makes perfect sense to me. But I also want you to know that there are those in the medical community who view autointoxication, those who acknowledge it, or popular ways of treating it [like colonics and enemas], as ignorance, ancient theory, and even quackery. So, read the material, see if it makes sense to you, and then decide what to do about it.

In my Post, “A Perfect Storm”, I mentioned that my elimination habits were not the best for many years. Because of this I was always interested in ways I could improve things. One day back in the 1990s, while looking through a catalogue for used and out-of-print books, I saw several titles by Dr. J.H. Kellogg. I ordered three of his books. Yes, he is of the breakfast cereal Kelloggs. In the 1800s he and his brother W.K Kellogg, invented several breakfast cereals, including corn flakes.

But Dr. Kellogg was also a physician and surgeon. In 1875 he was named Medical Superintendent of the Battle Creek Sanitarium [Michigan, USA]. This health resort grew out of the Western Health Reform Institute, started in 1866.

Today, Battle Creek Sanitarium [or ‘The San’] might be called a lifestyle center. They helped patients – rich and middle class, to regain their health. They didn’t offer drugs, alcohol, or coffee, but used vegetarian meals, vigorous exercise, sunshine, lots of fresh air, hydrotherapy – including regular enemas, and more. People got well! Some of their famous guests included John D. Rockefeller, C.W. Post, J.C Penney, Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, Sojourner Truth, and Mary Todd Lincoln.

Over the years, ‘The San’ and Dr. Kellogg have been made fun of. I don’t agree with all his teachings or views. But I do recognize that he was ahead of his time in many areas of treating disease and helping folks recover from illnesses. Three areas that really impressed me were his use of all 8 of the Laws of Health, some of his inventions of exercise equipment, and autointoxication. Dr. Kellogg didn’t discover this process. French pathologist, Dr. Charles Bouchard, first used this term [1837-1915]. But it was in two of Dr. Kellogg’s books that I was first introduced to it: “Colon Hygiene” [copyright 1916] and “Itinerary of A Breakfast” [copyright 1918].

I guess I wanted to share all this history to let you know that understanding and treating autointoxication are not new. It has been a health concern for a very long time. Not only that, but The Western Health Institute and Battle Creek Sanitarium both used the 8 Laws of Health in treating their patients. These laws have been around a long time as well.

To Be Continued …

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