About Disease

Every action has a reaction

Every action has a reaction

Next week’s Post will be on autointoxication. It is a big word, a huge topic, and extremely important to our health. In preparation for that Post, I just want to share a few things about disease.

• Disease never shows up out of nowhere. There is always a cause. In the USA [and other developed countries] some of the most common causes are: germs; genetics [‘bad’ genes]; long-term exposure to environmental pollutants; and lifestyle choices – our daily choices about what we eat, drink, and breathe; how we exercise and rest; our thoughts, attitudes, and more. Of these causes, lifestyle choices are the main reason many Americans are sick and dying. Diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and more. These diseases, for the most part, can be prevented.

• So called “bad genes’ play a role in diseases forming, but not as big as lifestyle choices. Generally, our daily choices are three times stronger for us getting sick, than our genes. There is a saying that genetics can load a gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. Meaning: when we have genes that could cause certain diseases to develop, our lifestyle choices could either ‘turn them on’ [activate] or ‘turn them off’ [inactivate]. Epigenetics is the field of biology that studies this amazing discovery. It gives us hope that we can possibly play a role in preventing some diseases.

• Disease needs the right conditions to develop and grow. Our daily choices help build blood that will either strengthen our bodies so they can grow and fight off disease, or build weak and sickly cells that are easy targets for disease. Making good or poor blood doesn’t just start in adulthood. It is influenced by habits and choices from childhood; choices we made or that others made for us. But we don’t have to stick with bad choices. We can choose to change.

• And this process doesn’t end with us. It can affect our children and possibly our grand-children. When we have children, the choices we have made and the quality of blood and cells we have made, they can lay the foundation for the health or disease in those little ones. But if, like me, your choices have not always been the best, we can start right now to make healthier ones that will help build up our bodies. The body is so awesome, it will respond to every good thing that we do for it.

• The body’s fight against disease also begins with the cells. Enemies to the body are always around us. They enter the body through the air, food, or water; through our eyes, noses, mouths, open cuts, or from dirty hands. Even though numerous enemies can be floating in our blood every day, many of us don’t get sick regularly. Why? Because our immune systems are strong enough to fight them off. Invaders [like bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, parasites, cancer cells, pollutants, chemicals, etc] can only cause illnesses if they can break into our cells. And they can’t break in unless the immune system is too weak to fight. And disease-causing germs don’t go after strong and healthy cells. They are like bullies and go after weak and damaged cells.

To be continued …

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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