After The Storm, Part 2


A Few MS Tips for Rebuilding

• The body needs protein, but not as much as we think, and it doesn’t have to come from animals. Everything that grows has some protein.

• When we eat meats, pork, poultry, game, sea foods, etc. – our blood can get a few things from the animals. Like fats, high protein [contributes to osteoporosis and cancers], growth hormones and hormones of fear [released as animals are transported and slaughtered], bacterial and environmental contamination, and antibiotics.

• Animal foods have cholesterol, but no fiber. Plant-based foods have fiber, but no cholesterol.

• 2 strengthening foods to eat once or twice a day: an orange and an apple.

• Most of today’s killer diseases [heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.] can be prevented by right and regular use of the 8 Laws of Health. And if already sick, health can be improved by their use as well.

• Many experts say we should eat like a king for breakfast [biggest meal], a queen for dinner , and a pauper for supper [smallest meal].

• Don’t skip breakfast. Eat a good one daily. Why? For one, it helps prevent sticky platelets which can form blood clots and lead to heart attacks and strokes. Two, it gives the body good ‘fuel’ to start the day and helps reduce snacking and weight gain. And three, it helps with better learning, memory, and well-being in adults and kids. People who eat a good breakfast are less likely to be irritable – their cells are well fed and happy.

• Each day our bodies need 30 to 50 grams of fiber [best source is from fresh, plant-based foods]. Try getting at least 10 grams of fiber for each meal. Fiber ‘sweeps’ the body clean of excess cholesterol, as well as toxins, and wastes – helping the bowels to move more easily and regularly. The more servings of plant foods you get, the more fiber you’ll get.

• Eating more plant foods will help lower elevated serum cholesterol levels. Their fiber grabs cholesterol and takes it out the body with the feces. The safest cholesterol levels are below 200, the ideal being between 170 and 190.

• Eat a ‘rainbow ’ of colorful plant foods [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet].  Eat fruits in various rainbow colors with breakfast.  And for dinner, eat vegetables in various rainbow colors. The more colors, the more nutrients you will get.

• Get essential fatty acids – they are healthy fats that the body needs, but cannot make. All cells need them especially brain cells. They are found in flaxseed oil or ground flax seeds [keep both in refrigerator], all beans, nuts [esp. walnuts], cabbages, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, squash, whole wheat, wheat germ, and more.

Enriched flour is refined flour [in breads, pastas, crackers, biscuits, etc]. Foods made with this flour look and taste good, but they are missing a lot of what the body needs to function best. If you are going to eat these, eat them with foods that are rich in nutrients [like fruits, vegetables, nuts, or beans].

• Going from a whole wheat grain to white flour requires processing that strips away 24 of the whole wheat’s vitamins and minerals; protein; and 68% of its fiber. Then only four nutrients are replaced, and this flour is labeled ‘enriched’. Read labels and look for flours made from 100% whole grain, multi-grain, stone ground, or sprouted-wheat on your labels.

*Reduce use of sugar, dairy, fatty and greasy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.  

*If you are weak, it might be from MS or one or more of these:

  1. Eating too many sugary foods.  They steal B vitamins from the body.  B vitamins help feed the nerves and make energy.

  2. Too much dairy and sugar.  Both increase inflammation.

  3. Not drinking enough water – will make it hard for muscles to work.

  4. Not eating enough calories from wholesome foods.

The best defense against sickness and disease is a strong immune system. It can be weakened by too much sugar, fat, alcohol, animal products; not enough rest, water, sunshine, or exercise; guilt; a mean, selfish, or unforgiving spirit, and more.

• In making healthier changes with the way you eat, drink and live, go slow. Change is hard, but it is possible. Make 1 or 2 changes at a time. With foods, take the foods you love, or find recipes you like, and make them in a healthier way. But the foods should look, smell, and taste good. Because eating is not just nutrition, it’s family, friends, holidays, traditions, enjoyment, and more.

• Whatever good we do for the body, the body will respond. So, even if you don’t see improvements right away, keep making good choices.

Even while living with MS, let’s do our best and try to build improved health that we can enjoy every day. OK?  See you next time.

  *Coming soon: A Recipe page, and a post on Autointoxication

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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