A Perfect Storm

Lightning from Blue Cloud

I recently looked at a 5th Grade Thesis done by a very sweet young lady, back in 2004. Twelve year old Victoria [name and material used with her Mom’s permission] interviewed me as one of 7 people, who she felt, had overcome a handicap. I was honored to be asked, but for me, accepting a life with MS was a long process. Some days I had it. Some days I didn’t. But I finally got it. Yeah!

 For the interview Victoria [now a sophomore in University] asked many excellent and thought-provoking questions, and was so professional. I’d like to share three of those questions and answers with you.

1. “Would you ever wish you could go back to how you were before?”
My answer: “No. Not at all. Before I was very selfish.”
*I must add, I was not too interested in other people’s needs. MS humbled me and shaved off ugly parts of my personality and character. It helped me notice and care about others, especially those who were struggling. I have heard and read the testimonies of those, who had accidents and physical losses, but got the lessons and blessings hidden within. They too said they would not go back to their old selves. Sure, I miss doing certain things, but MS has made me a better person on the inside. I’m happy with that person and I wouldn’t go back.

2. “What are the most important things; guidelines you would tell people today about life? What is the most important thing (s) that we should be doing with our lives?” My answer –
1. “Take care of your health
2. Find ways to make life better for others. When you do this, life becomes pretty.
3. Treasure the (good) things that you have, like good health. It could change tomorrow.”

3. “Is there something you wish you would have done differently in your life?” My answer –
“Yes. I wish I had eaten better when I was young. Also, I wish I’d sought more help and not struggled for so many years.”

It was this last answer that brought to mind a theory I’ve held for many years. It’s my theory. No proof anywhere but in my experience. But I want to share it because many of you are wondering why and how you have this disease. And some wonder why they aren’t getting better.  Maybe this will inspire much thought.

I call this theory A Perfect Storm. Because I could pin point two of my wrong habits, plus stress, which all came together like a powerful storm, and broke out on me in the form of MS. When I read about disease formation, my conclusion is this: I think I did this to myself. A doctor once told me not to think that way. But when I look at the facts, I can’t ignore them.

Just A Few Facts
 • In spite of all the modern advances, sickness and degenerative diseases are increasing [like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, MS, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more].
• Most of the diseases that are common in developed nations [like U.S.A.], are related to lifestyle choices. These are choices about what we eat and drink; if we exercise or smoke; how much rest and fresh air we get, our attitudes, and more.
• Genetics plays a role in people getting diseases, but not as much as our choices.
• To have good health, good blood is a must. How do we get good blood if we can’t see or touch it? By eating and drinking healthy foods that will build it. What we eat and drink gets transformed to help make blood. The blood then feeds the cells, repairs damaged parts, and builds up the body. We need to make sure that we don’t put anything into our bodies that can’t be made into good blood.

To be continued …

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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