A Perfect Storm, Part 2

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A Few Facts – cont’d

  • Drugs treat symptoms.  They don’t cure.  That’s why we have to keep taking them.  Drugs also have many side effects.  And for the most part, the body views drugs as poison.  In caring for our health we can’t just take drugs and wait.  We must go after the cause [mainly choices], or the body won’t get much better, no matter how many drugs we take.

  • The body’s cells need 4 basic things to live and do their work.  If they don’t get these, eventually they won’t be able to keep us well.

  1. Oxygen – breathe in lots of fresh air.  Air out your home.

  2. Plain water – cells can’t live without it [not the water in coffee, juice, milk, or soda].

  3. Proper nutrition from a wide variety of plant-based foods [fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, 100% whole grains, and beans].

  4. Cleansing – get rid of wastes quickly. 


  • There is a saying, “What you eat and drink today walks and talks tomorrow.”  Today’s choices determine how healthy or sickly we will be in times ahead.

  • Disease always has a cause.  We prepare the way for it by our choices.

  • The body can put up with a lot of our wrong choices – for a while.  Then we will see symptoms; really a cry for help.  It needs our help to cleanse and rebuild.  It needs more of the 4 items listed above.  

  • The body is flexible in that, if we do good things for it, it will respond.  Change is possible.

  • A diet rich in a variety of plant-based foods will help protect us from disease, and help us heal if sickness comes.

So, where does A Perfect Storm come from?  I looked back over the years at how I lived and it was horrible.  My little brother reminds me of times I ate cake and ice cream for breakfast.  Dumb.  In Middle School I used lunch money to buy records to dance to at lunchtime.  My lunch?  Brownies and milk.  As an older teen, working and sharing an apartment with a girlfriend, my life was centered on going to the disco.  I worked to pay rent, plus buy outfits for the disco, admission fees for the disco, and transportation to and from the disco.  Food was not a priority.  I ate cake and brownies and drank milk and soda – a lot.  I partied hard and rested little.  Later, I worked like crazy and rested little.  A storm was building from my wrong choices and habits.

For many years my food was mostly refined, processed, and junk – no fiber.  So my elimination was poor.  *Note:  It’s not cute for anyone to have reading material by their toilette.  It’s a sign that someone (s) is in serious trouble; their body is not working right.  We’ll talk more about that in an upcoming post.

While at University, money was often scarce.  At those times I would make batches of instant pancakes or a pot of cornmeal dumplings to eat for each meal [not much nourishment there].  But now, along with my poor nutrition and poor elimination, there was a third factor: stress. 

Nursing School was monster-sized stress, especially those final few weeks.  I was so busy with papers and exams that when a strange symptom appeared, I couldn’t take time to have it checked.  Both legs went numb from the knees down for 1 week!  Crazy.  I believe that was my very first MS symptom. A warning sign.  Had I known to change my choices, who knows what I could have avoided.

Then while working as a graduate Nurse, and training in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit [ICU], I had major stress, plus I got a bad cold – a virus. 

My view:  MS has more than one cause.  In July 1984 A Perfect Storm, of the following 3 systems, came together as MS and slammed me:   *Not sure if getting that bad cold was really a factor.  Or, perhaps there is some other unknown factor.

  1. Poor nutrition for many years

  2. Poor elimination for many years

  3. Stress

Building good health is like building a house.  The materials used and how good a job you do may not be noticed right away.  But when that house faces storms [of stress, tragedy, etc], you will know.  My body put up with my foolish choices for decades, but when the big storm hit, it could not hold up.  I hadn’t built well or made good blood.

We have a disease, that if the experts are correct, it’s most likely due to our lifestyle choices.  I’ve already looked at what I need to change with my choices and habits.  And you should too.  We’ve got to get at the cause and correct it, then give the body what it needs.  If we don’t, getting better is not going to happen.  And we may even get other diseases.  It’s like weeding the garden.  Pull up the complete root or that weed will grow back.


That’s all for now.  If you have any questions let me know.  And if you like these Posts, would you be so kind and share them with others?  See you next week.


Copyright © Regina Spence


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Storm, Part 2

  1. Too many years living a begun diet of pasta with rich sauces, fast food, junk food, pizza and chips. Now we are where we are. I hope your changes bring a healthy change.

    • Dear Annette, Thank you for your comment.Your days of yummy foods are not over.Healthier versionsabound. For example, 100% whole wheat pasta with a simple sauce [little meat, no pork = saturated fat], or pizza made with non-dairy cheese and roasted veggieson a whole wheat crust. Each week make one [or more] substitutions. Many pastas are made from Semolina or Durum flour. They are very processed and have less vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber than whole wheat flour. In upcoming Blogs we will go over more food choices and recipes. So, hang in there. I want you to be excited about the possibility of improving your current condition! As we treat the body better we will see some positive changes. It will be slow [nature works slower than drugs], but keep doing them. I’m going to start by drinkingmore water, green smoothies and fruit smoothies [to feed, repair, and cleanse], plus do more exercise [to flood the body with oxygen and strengthen all my muscles and blood vessels. We can do better – if we leave off damaging items, and give the body what it needs [food, oxygen, water, cleansing]! Best to you! Regina


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