What I’ve Learned, Part 2

Cherry Blossoms

Here are a few more things I’ve learned in almost 29 years of living with MS.

Inflammation: makes my MS symptoms worse [and probably yours too].

  • Reduce things that can cause it [like sugar; meats; foods made with white or enriched flour; sodas; artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners; milk, and more].

  • Use more natural foods that reduce it [like apples, flaxseed oil, celery, pineapple, aloe vera juice, strawberries, blueberries, beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, and more].

Need Energy?

  • Dehydration [not drinking enough water] reduces energy. It also makes the blood thick so it runs like motor oil instead of a fast-moving stream. There is a saying for how many glasses of water to drink each day: “Drink 5  to stay alive, and 8 to feel great.”

  • Too many toxins [poisons] in the body make me feel sluggish [and will do that for you too]. I start my mornings by drinking 2 glasses of distilled water. This adds water back to the blood and helps rinse out toxins. Adding 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to this water helps get rid of toxins, and kills bacteria and viruses in the blood.  **If anyone is constipated, your blood has toxins in it.  Drink more water, fresh juices, or eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise to help remove them.

  • Exercising increases circulation and energy.

  • Drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices; or eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables each day to increase energy and help clean out toxins.

  • Reduce sugar. It steals vitamin B1 which is needed for the production of energy.

  • Red kidney beans, brown rice, and sweet potatoes give me good energy and strength.

  • Help clean the liver of toxins by drinking lemon juice in your morning water, drinking aloe vera juice, drinking carrot and beet juice, or eating apples, beets, artichoke hearts, and celery.  ** The liver filters harmful substances from the body.  The more drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and artificial and junk foods that are used, the more the liver needs help with cleansing.

**My Opinion: apples are the most wonderful fruit for helping my health [and maybe yours too]. I eat 1 or 2 a day – Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, and more. They clean the blood and the skin, reduce inflammation, absorb toxins in the intestines , clean my teeth, give me strength, clean out toxins from the liver, and more!


  • Refined, processed, and fast foods can lack nutrients our bodies need. Eating too many of these foods can cause depression. Eat more fresh, whole, plant foods.

  • Let fresh air into your home. Breathing stale or recycled indoor air does not contain a good supply of oxygen, and can give us headaches, and make us feel sleepy, sad, and irritable.

  • Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, breathe deeply, and do some exercise. Oxygen in fresh air energizes mind and body [and cleans the blood]. The sunlight gives strength to the mind, calms the nerves, and prevents and helps lessen depression.

  • Reduce sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and white flour products. They injure our moods. and memory, and for those with MS – our nerve function.

Like Kryptonite

Shortly after getting MS I noticed my muscles got weaker after I ate certain foods [like bagels, Raisin Bran and Shredded Wheat cereals, and more]. I didn’t understand why until 1987, when a wonderful lady told me about her husband. He had MS and was gluten sensitive. She cooked without gluten for him, and he did great. She said I was probably sensitive too. I was. But she taught me what to eliminate and recipes to try. When I avoid gluten, I do so much better. I thought all people with MS had this. They don’t.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and other grains. My muscles get very weak, and sometimes my facial muscles get distorted, when I eat these grains [or their products]. Gluten is my Kryptonite [like in Superman series]. Although there are lots of foods to avoid, I can still eat all the fruits, vegetables, oats, brown rice, and corn I want. I make pancakes from ground oat flour, and enjoy brown rice pastas. Do any of you have gluten sensitivity?

Get High!

Determine to find ways to do things you love; things that bring you great joy, even if you must do them differently than before MS. I adore bike riding, but can’t do it right now. I do ride my scooter and smile at folks [wearing my faithful cow hat]. When they smile back it gives me such a kick! And I also love to sing Broadway show tunes, like The Trolley Song from Meet Me in Saint Louis. It keeps the twinkles in my eyes!

That’s all for now. See you next week. Uh oh, I think I feel a song coming on! 

Copyright© 2013 Regina Spence


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