Principles of Health #1: The Body Can Heal Itself

We are still looking at 5 qualities of the body – the first of man’s three parts [body, mind, and spirit].

Quality # 3: The Body Can Heal Itself

 First Responders

First Responders

As soon as the body gets sick or injured [cut, surgical wound, broken bone, etc], a silent alarm goes off.  Responding to the emergency is a whole system of body parts.  They immediately begin the healing process; pouring out their strength and energy to get the job done.  And they are always ready – even before there is a need.  Their ability and instructions are built-in, but their power to heal comes from God, the Creator.  “All life-giving power is from Him.”  

For every moment of our lives God works through these body systems,  and nature’s simple remedies, to restore health and maintain life.  What are these remedies?  They are fresh air, plain water, clean surroundings, a healthy diet, sunshine, exercise, rest, and a strong trust in God.  We will discuss these more when we get to Principle #7.   Is anyone wondering, if God is always working to keep us healthy and alive, why is there so much disease?  If so, hold on.  We’ll answer that down the road.

When ill or injured, the body changes its use of energy [for a while].  It pulls energy from regular activities, so it can focus on healing and getting rid of poisons.  Two examples of this are digesting food and staying awake.  Both use a lot of energy.  But since healing takes priority over these, a sick person may not have much energy to eat, and they may sleep a lot more. 

The body needs our help during these healing emergencies.  First, we need to find the cause of the problem.  And there is always a cause.  Second, when possible, remove or correct the cause.  And third,  give the body what it needs to heal.

What does the body need?  A few examples are: less or managed stress;  stop destructive choices [like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, street drugs, etc]; more rest so energy can be used for healing; more plain water to rinse out poisons, carry more oxygen [which boosts energy], and help control body temperature; more fresh air to help clean the blood, energize mind and body, and carry clean air into the sick person’s room; simple and healthy plant-based foods to help clean out toxins and provide energy; and to avoid sugar and animal fats.  They slow down healing and cripple the Natural Killer Cells [NK-cells] ability to recognize and destroy any invaders [like bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, etc].

When we give the body what it needs, it gets busy.  But nature works slower than medications.  So, don’t give up.  Keep doing all the right things, and little by little improvements will be seen.

MS Tip:  I’ve learned that, generally, medications treat symptoms.  But to really deal with illness and disease I must get at the cause.  It’s like killing weeds: pull up the complete root or that weed will grow back.  In the U.S., lifestyle choices are the main cause of disease and death.  So, to find a cause I can begin by examining my daily choices to see what is not helping me feel better and stronger, then correcting it.  No doctor, medication, or insurance company can do that for me or for you.  We each have a personal responsibility to take good care of the only body we will ever have.  What do you think about all this?

Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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