Principle of Health #1: Body Organs Are Closely Related

We are continuing our look at the body – the first of man’s three parts, and five of its outstanding qualities.

Quality # 2: The Body Organs are Closely Related and Work  Together In Unity



All the body organs are different [skin, brain, heart, etc] and have their own special work to do.  But they are all closely related and are supposed to work together in unity to keep the body in balance, and keep us alive. 

But because of their close relationship, each organ is influenced by the condition of the others. For example, if one organ can’t do its job well, the regular work of the body is thrown off-track, and sickness and disease are not far behind.   The whole body is strained as other organs try to help do the weak one’s job,  while doing their own work at the same time.

The body was designed to be active . So, exercising  regularly helps the brain, muscles, bones, organs, blood vessels – and even the spiritual nature, to get stronger and do their jobs better.  But less physical activity weakens the whole body and all of its functions, moving it towards decay, disease, and death. 

Little or no activity also slows down blood flow, slows oxygen being delivered, slows down waste removal, decreases energy, and dulls the thinking.  And over time the muscles will decrease in size and strength.  Here is the bottom line:  being active and healthy are not just about looking good on the outside, but helping everything on the inside to be strong and run well.

MS Tip: Because the body was designed to be active, if I’m not doing much or anything, there is a price – like “use it or lose it”.  I’ve learned that exercising 3-5 days a week is an absolute must for helping me not just to live, but to live better with this disease. The less I do, the less I can do.  But regular exercise helps me feel better, do more, and think clearer.

My usual exercise is using the elliptical bike for 3-7 minutes, walking with my walker around driveway for 10-20 minutes, then doing arm exercises with 3 pound weights – while sitting in my scooter. On days when my walking is not great, I’ll hold my scooter and do 20 squats [builds strength and helps balance], or march in place for 100 steps.    *Other favorites are rebounding [holding the stabilizing bar], and pretending to jump rope in the swimming pool.  Both are major fun and great workouts!

Last year, for some weird reason, I didn’t exercise for several months. Dumb!  After a while I noticed that my muscles were very weak, bladder and colon issues were showing up, and my memory and concentration were extremely poor. I was moving like a slug and my energy was ‘below sea level’. When I began exercising again those problems went away.  

All people, including those with MS, need some form of enjoyable exercise that they can safely do [check with your doctor], several times a week, and especially outside in the sunshine and fresh air [when possible].

What is your favorite way to stay active?


Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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