Principle of Health # 1: Man Comes In 3D

Here we are at the first of the 7 Principles of Health.  For me, this material is so fascinating.  But I hope that you will enjoy it too, and find something useful for your life or for someone else’s.  Here we go.

Man is a Combination of Body, Mind, and Spirit


Human beings are a combination of three parts – body, mind, and spirit [also called spiritual nature].  Each part has its own specific work to do [function], but they are all closely related and cannot be separated.  They work together in harmony, and with order and regularity, to keep the whole body well.  If one part has trouble, the other parts feel it too.  Afterall, they do share the same heart, brain, and blood.  And their cells communicate with each other electrically, chemically, or by hormone signals.¹

Being healthy is not just about drinking enough water, eating more fruits and vegetables, or exercising regularly.  We need to do these things every day.  But good health is more.  It involves taking care of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.  Each of these parts has a tremendous influence on the others.  And it is only when all 3 of them are strong and energized and able to do their jobs well, that a person truly has good health.²   As we go along we will share some of the things a person can do to strengthen each part.  So, let’s get started and look at each one.

The Body

The body is the structure that contains the brain [where the mind is], all the other body parts [like heart, lungs, kidneys, etc], and the spirit or spiritual nature.  Today we know more about the body than ever before, but there is still a lot to learn.  The body is so amazing and has lots to explore, but for this Blog we will only take a simple look at 5  of the body’s outstanding qualities. 

And just like watching a television series, please tune in to the next Post  for the rest of the episode on The Body.



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 Copyright © 2013 Regina Spence


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