Heading Out

"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Starting an adventure can really pump-up a person.  This blog, which is an adventure in learning, is no different.  The material has its own energy, pulse, and passion and is just about busting out of me wanting to be told.  On this adventure we will learn more about what makes, breaks, and restores good health.  It is aimed at those living with MS, but all are welcome to travel with us.

Are you wondering why we need more about health when, already, there is so much information out there?  Because something isn’t adding up.

Today in America we have access to lots of material on health, disease, and prevention; healthcare providers or health-care facilities; state of the art diagnostic testing; cutting edge treatments; and advances in science and technology.  Together, these  should make for a healthier and more disease-free society.  But that is not what is going on.  Something is missing.

As I look around at people one thing stands out: there is a lot of sickness and disease out there.  And some things seem to be increasing like Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Autism?  Why is this?

It’s like a question a dear friend asked me, “Why are so many people getting MS?  It seems like everyone and his brother has it?  What’s up with that?”

What’s up with all of it?  It’s sad to hear about adults suffering with illnesses and the problems [and expenses] that come with them.  But seeing sick children is a real heart-breaker.  For some of the little ones that I’ve met, their stories are written all over their blank faces and vacant eyes, as they quietly cling to a parent or grandparent.  Why?

I’m no expert on health, but on this adventure we will try to get some answers to these questions.  I will share some of what I’ve been blessed to learn in over 10 years as a Registered Nurse; in almost 29 years of living with MS, and from regularly listening to and reading what the real experts have to say.

We’ll be looking at some simple, yet incredibly effective, life-changing principles of health.  A principle is a truth, rule, or law that never changes.  None of these principles are new.  They have been around and in use a long time.  They just haven’t received as much attention as other parts of health.

As we travel together and examine these principles, there are three goals we want to hit before our journey ends:

1st Goal:  Share useful information.  In this blog we will ‘shine the spotlight’ on health’s  major parts, so that readers can better understand what’s involved in building, losing, and recovering good health.

2nd Goal: Give hope.  Hope begins in the mind when a person glimpses some possibility they want fulfilled in their life.  Hope has lots of attitude, but needs its buddy – Will Power, who also lives in the mind.  When Hope and Will Power unite and have a positive direction, they energize the mind and body and can accomplish amazing things!  But without their union, not much can happen.

So, whether you are doing fine with MS or another health issue, or are frustrated, frightened, and barely holding on – we’re going to give hope, help, and encouragement.  Because sickness and disease are not normal, and change is possible!

3rd Goal:  Encourage decisions.  As you read on, please do so with an open heart and mind; putting aside any pre-conceived ideas.  Think about what you are reading and what value it has for your life.  Do your own outside reading on these topics and check my references when listed.  Why?  Because, at the end of the day you will need to make decisions about what you’ve read, and it may not be easy.  For some of you this material may simply be a refresher, but for others, it may be totally new and shocking.  It may even slam full-force into your cherished habits, ideas, and traditions.  What then?  Well, ask yourself these three questions:

1.  Does this stuff make sense?

2.  Is it affordable even for my budget?

3.  If I ignore all that this adventure has shown me and keep doing what I’ve always done, will I be happy with the results?

With all that said, let the explorations begin!

Copyright © 2011 Regina Spence


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