Mutley’s Great Adventure:

Health Tips for Those Living With MS



Do you ever wonder why you exist; if you have a purpose?  And if so, what is it?  These are common cries from hearts longing to fulfill something bigger, better, and more meaningful than a regular everyday existence.  People want to know that their living is not a waste, but makes a difference to someone.

So, at some point in a person’s life there may arise a burning desire to do something that really matters.  And this feeling probably doesn’t surface by chance.  Because the truth is – none of us is here by accident or for nothing, no matter what the circumstances were surrounding our births and growing up years.  Our lives have value, and we each have something special we were born to do.

Now, there are times that life can surprise us with twists, turns, detours, and even road blocks that break our hearts and threaten to crush all our hopes and dreams.  But guess what?  They can’t erase the fact that we have a purpose.  The storms of life actually help to prepare us for what we will be doing.  And every sadness and joy can be mixed into our purpose with magnificent results – if we let them.

Back in June 1995 my heart started crying out to God for my purpose.  Then one day a tiny idea came to mind.  Had I not been quiet and listening for God to answer me I might have missed it:  write a book on health … simply put … for all to understand … practical … give information and why it’s good … and much more.  Slowly that tiny thought grew into a full-blown picture.

This assignment would combine all my gifts and talents; it would utilize all I’d learned in school and by living with MS [Multiple Sclerosis] and ET [Essential Thrombocythemia – high platelet counts]; it would require everything in me; take me to heights and depths never imagined or dared; and it would fill me with a deep and overflowing joy, while giving hope and help to others.  Now, that’s an adventure! 

Are you ready to see what this is all about?  I hope so.   I’m Regina, but years ago my brother nicknamed me Mutley.  So, welcome to Mutley’s Great Adventure!

Copyright © 2011 Regina Spence



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